Happy New Year from Crashburn Alley

On behalf of everyone here at Crashburn Alley, I would like to wish you all a happy new year and thank you for making this site a regular part of your daily web-surfing routine. It has been very rewarding to talk Phillies with you (or, for those of you who read and don’t comment, talk at you) throughout the years. I hope you all have fun celebrating the new year and enjoy a happy and healthy 2015. We’ll still be here when the hangovers go away, ready to tackle the next Phillies-related issue.

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Crashburn Alley and ESPN Have Parted Ways

In 2009, Crashburn Alley was a one-man blog. Around the end of the regular season, former ESPN writer and current FOX Sports contributor Rob Neyer contacted me asking if I’d like to join a network of blogs he was starting called Sweet Spot. As Neyer was one of my favorite writers growing up, this was a wonderful compliment and I couldn’t have said yes any faster. Thanks to the exposure ESPN provided us, as well as Neyer’s (and, later, David Schoenfield’s) guiding hand, Crashburn Alley became what it is today and I couldn’t be happier.

Four and a half years later, Crashburn Alley and ESPN have decided to part ways. Without going into any details, it was simply time to move on. We hope this doesn’t impact your decision to make Crashburn Alley a regular part of your daily web-surfing routine. There will be no changes for you — the only difference is that the navigation bar at the top, which directed you to the other Sweet Spot blogs, is now gone.

I’d like to thank Rob Neyer and David Schoenfield as well as the many people at ESPN who had to put up with us over the years.

Crashburn Alley the blog is now a free agent. Business inquiries can be sent to CrashburnAlley [at] gmail [dot] com.

Crashburn Alley Is Looking for Writers

As the title says, I’m looking to bring on one or two writers to contribute to Crashburn Alley. If you’re knowledgeable about the Phillies with a passion for writing on at least a weekly basis, read further.

With Eric Longenhagen soon moving to Arizona, I’ll be looking for someone to fill the Minor League guru role. Those with a deep knowledge of the Phillies’ Minor League system will be given preference. If you fancy yourself a whiz on Minor League affairs, be sure to point that out when you email me.

Other criteria I’m looking for, non-prospect guru division:

  • Available to contribute at least one article per week, preferably two
  • Currently enrolled in college or completed college (focus is not particularly relevant; I just don’t want to hire writers still in high school — nothing personal, high schoolers.)
  • Experience with using WordPress and blogging in general (e.g. embedding data tables and images)
  • Knowledge of the basics of HTML and CSS (not a requirement, but preferred)
  • Familiarity with social media, particularly Twitter
  • Strong grasp of Sabermetric concepts (if you’ve read Tom Tango’s “The Book” and understood most of it, you should be fine)
  • Familiarity with statistical concepts such as “small sample size” and the ability to use spreadsheets to organize data

The position is non-paying. However, you will be contributing to an ESPN-partnered site, which looks great in a writer’s portfolio Most of the writers to have passed through Crashburn Alley have gone on to take on other, often bigger writing roles that do pay. You will also have the opportunity to participate in ESPN group projects if/when they pop up, and the availability to contribute to the Sweet Spot blog directly (which pays), depending on the level of mutual interest. Your work at Crashburn Alley will be read by thousands every day.

If you are interested, send an email to CrashburnAlley [at] gmail [dot] com with a relevant subject. Introduce yourself a bit, and highlight your strengths that you think make you a good fit here. Resumes are fine, but not required — organize the details as you see fit. Include relevant details such as your Twitter handle, your blog URL, and any work you may have done elsewhere that highlights your skills. Attach a writing sample of any length on any Phillies-related topic of your choosing. Assume it will get posted on the site to be read by all publicly.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to the Redesigned Crashburn Alley

At long last, we have unveiled the new and improved Crashburn Alley. Thanks to Randy Neil for all of the technical work and to Marcus Price for the logo concept. If you like what you see, check out their site at Squatch.us.

Overall, the site should work just like it did before, but it should look better across a wider range of platforms, whether you’re using a small or a big monitor, or a mobile device. All of our contact info is up in the right-hand sidebar should you want to reach any of us. The comments are now threaded so you can better keep track of conversations when they diverge. Additionally, you can assign a plus or minus vote to each comment, to either side of the big number on the right-hand side of the comment box.

As for the blogroll in the sidebar to the right, which is something that unfortunately gets neglected far too often, if you or someone you know runs an active baseball blog and would like to be included, just let me know in the comments below, on Twitter, or via email. Also, if you notice a defunct blog or a broken link, please let me know.

If something isn’t working right with the site, if you don’t like how something looks, or if you have any other feedback, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Site Update

We had a bit of unexpected downtime yesterday afternoon. Apologies to those of you who were trying to kill some time on a Saturday afternoon before some playoff football. At the moment, Crashburn Alley is in the midst of a redesign, so if things end up going missing, or looking weird or out of place, it’s because we’re working on the new look.

If you’re having any issues using the site, don’t hesitate to let me know on Twitter (@CrashburnAlley) or via email (crashburnalley at gmail). Thank you for your patience and continued readership!

We Are Looking for a Web Designer!

As you can probably tell every time you load the page, Crashburn Alley dot com is in need of a facelift. Somewhere around five years ago, I shabbily customized the current design you see now but as we enter 2014 the year of our Lord, it’s time to get modern.

If you or someone you know does web design and would like a winter project, please send an email to CrashburnAlley at Gmail dot com with the subject “Web Design”. Include your name, your portfolio, what you’ll charge, and any ideas you may have in mind. You should be proficient with HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, and Photoshop. Once we get to talking, I’ll discuss specifics, but here are some general ideas of what I’m looking for:

  • Text-focused — we don’t have any licensing with any photo sites so picture-heavy designs are superfluous for our needs
  • Adaptability with mobile devices
  • Custom banner and logos
  • Red/white color scheme
  • Social media integration
  • Modern commenting system (threaded; upvote/downvote) that isn’t a Disqus clone
  • Room for advertisements, including text and banners

Ideally, I’d prefer to deal with freelancers rather than design firms as a way to limit costs. I will most likely not be able to respond to emails until after the weekend.

Programming Note

The baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint, they say. It’s true. For me, I’ve been covering seven marathons since I started this website. In the time since, I’ve added various responsibilities covering those marathons wearing different hats. After the 2013 season, past six years of covering baseball without stopping to catch my breath, I am officially burned out.

Don’t worry, I just need a small break. I’m taking one now, for two weeks. I’m leaving the site in the capable hands of the remaining four, and I’m taking a break from my writing responsibilities with ESPN and NBC’s HardballTalk for two weeks as well. I am not going to write a single article, though some will continue to be posted in my name as I had written them towards the end of October. Gonna recharge the ol’ batteries, you know? Then I’ll come back on the 15th ready to cover the off-season in kick-ass fashion as you’ve grown used to over the years here.

I have three requests for you, the loyal Crashburn readers: 1) keep the place tidy while I’m gone, 2) treat the remaining four well, and 3) leave me some feedback here in the comments. What would you like to see covered here specifically? It can be a trade idea, a potential free agent signing, roster gymnastics, etc. Is there anything you’d like to see added to the website in terms of functionality? If you have any comments, concerns, ideas, questions, etc., leave them below. I’ll come back on the 15th to read and consider every single one.

Thanks. I’ll miss you.