Baseball Is Bad, Again


Aaron Nola has been struggling on and off (mostly on) for two months now in ways that indicated something bigger was at play. The hope was that it was mechanical or mental, but the reality we’re now being presented with is that it’s injury related. This news is accompanied by a somewhat worrisome velocity decline in his most recent starts:

Nola velo

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MLB Issues Ridiculous Defense Of Anti-Player Legislation

*Cracks Knuckles*

Thursday, in response to the anti-player Save America’s Pastime Act proposed by some jerk in Congress and denounced by it’s no-longer-as-jerky co-sponsor a day after she was bombarded with negative reactions, MLB released a totally bogus statement siding with the legislation, that makes them sound like a bunch of freaking idiots. In my humble opinion. I’ll just walk us through the text, point by point, and tell you why they’re either wrong or dumb, or maybe just making things up. Continue reading…

Is 2016 Offense Worst in Phillies History?

In a season once illuminated by a delightful yet fleeting month-and-a-half of overachievement, the Phillies uninspiring offensive attack has once again grabbed the headlines as they enter the meat of their summer schedule. Manager and resident mad scientist Pete Mackanin has done everything in his power to concoct a productive lineup, testing 68 different batting orders through the first 77 games. Who can blame him?

The team’s recent streak of hot hitting hasn’t significantly boosted the their overall numbers, or even put more tallies in the win column for that matter. Led by none other than offensive tour de force Peter Bourjos, the Phils have nearly doubled their run production in their last six games, posting six runs per contest, but have generated just a 2-4 record to show for it. In their first 71 games on the year, they scored all of 3.11 runs per game. While this offensive hot hand is surely just a blip on the radar, a faint mirage in the early summer heat, it got me thinking: just how bad is this offense really?

Well, buckle up.

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Baseball Is Bad

This is not good.

The popular refrain around Vince Velasquez when he was a prospect was something along the lines of: “The stuff is excellent, but can he stay healthy?” And it looks like his health is back in question again.

Prior to being removed from the game, Velasquez made no obvious gestures as to what exactly was bothering him. He didn’t grab his elbow. He didn’t particularly grimace. He simply started the game without an ability to throw a baseball the way we all know he can. Given the long-term significance of a healthy Velasquez, expect the Phillies to exhibit an abundance of caution with this injury — whatever it may be.

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Cole Hamels Is Basically Dead, Probably

Pitchers and catchers day! It’s the first sign in an otherwise desolate winter that sentient life exists, and occasionally throws a baseball. Players have lost some amount of weight and it might matter (it won’t)! Beat writers are tweeting grainy cell phone pictures of dudes doing stretches! Nothing can ruin this first great bump of baseball cocai-

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