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Swing Appetizer: Aaron Brown

In our second installment of Swing Appetizer, we take a look at 3rd round selection Aaron Brown. If you didn’t catch Friday’s installment, I suggest doing so as it delineates several important notes and caveats about the series. Brown’s portion of the video begins at the :50 second mark. Let’s begin.


Swing Appetizer: Cord Sandberg

Hey everybody. Obviously with me in Arizona I can’t see your guys and therefore can’t give you longform reports or updates on the guys in the Philadelphia system.  But the magic of the internet gives me access to video and the little Buncha Crunch sized scouting goodness it provides. Do you guys like Buncha Crunch?
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The Future is Unwritten: Carlos Tocci

In the modern era of baseball fandom, three years feels like an eternity. That’s how long we’ve been watching, scrutinizing and trying to shove food down the throat of Carlos Tocci, the now 18 year old Venezuelan center fielder who’s spending 2014 repeating Low-A Lakewood. Over that time, Tocci hasn’t produced statistics that have people
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The Future Is Unwritten: Severino Gonzalez

You, like me, probably became aware of Severino Gonzalez last year when he tore up the Florida State League to the tune of a 2.02 ERA between the bullpen and rotation before being brought up to Reading. It’s the kind of performance that makes you sit up in your chair and pay attention and also
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Phillies Draft Retrospective: Reggie Taylor

Ask an MLB Draft pundit who they think the Phillies are likely to draft in the first round and almost always they’ll tell you to pick an athlete, any athlete. It’s been the organization’s modus operandi for as long as most of us can remember and it’s produced mixed results. Selecting the intriguing athlete has
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Phillies Day 2 Draft Notes

Aaron Brown CF Pepperdine- I was on Brown as a pitcher who had an above average fastball, flashed an average slider and whose changeup shpwed a little promise but some teams liked him as an outfielder and the Phillies were one of them. Brown has an athletic, strong build, some pull power and might have
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Draft recap Day 1: Aaron Nola Scouting Report, Matt Imhof notes.

The Phillies got their wish Thursday night as a few surprises (the biggest of which In more ways than one was the Cubs’ selection of Kyle Schwarber at #4 overall) ahead of them freed them up to take the guy they’ve been targeting all along, LSU right-handed pitcher Aaron Nola. Nola, who turned 21 just
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Ken Rosenthal: Phillies discussing Asche move

In his column today, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported that the Phillies are having internal discussions about moving Cody Asche to the outfield next season in deference to Maikel Franco who has made his adjustments and begun to hit at Triple-A. Who could have predicted that? Asche’s defense at third base has been poor.
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The Future is Unwritten: Mark Leiter Jr.

Mark Leiter Jr. garners more interest than your typical 22nd round pick from the New Jersey Institute of Technology typically does. He has pedigree (his father and his uncle Al were big leaguers for parts of nearly 30 seasons combined), he’s put up good numbers (a 1.20 ERA and 50 strikeouts in 45 innings of
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Notes on a few Minor League arms

Hey, everyone. Don’t worry, full scouting reports are coming. In the meantime, here are some notes on pitchers that maybe don’t warrant full reports but you might as well know about anyway. Just some little updates. Brody Colvin– Colvin’s stuff is down, even out of the bullpen. The fastball is sitting 87-90 and he’s not
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Minor League Notes, Maikel Franco Klonopin

Howdy, readers. I’m insanely busy planning the wedding and the move and doing draft prep but I’m still getting to 4 or 5 games per week because I need to make sure I maintain my brand which justifies my existence. I’ve seen Severino Gonzalez twice so far this year but I’m waiting to write him
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An Early Look at Jesse Biddle

Let’s skip the intro paragraph fluff and just get into what Jesse Biddle looked like this week.


Phillies Top 10 Prospects

I’m not a huge fan of prospect lists, which provide a momentary snapshot of a system that is in constant flux and evolution. But the internet loves lists of all kinds and I can’t deprive you of that, can I? As always, I see just about everyone in person and get info from scouting and
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Phillies Prospect Conversations: Keith Law (ESPN)

Two and a half weeks ago I was fortunate enough to spend most of my Saturday with Keith Law as I took in that afternoon’s tilt between East Carolina and Virginia. We sat basking in the glow of the first vibrant sun either of us had seen in months, wearing the same clothes we had
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The Future is Unwritten: Jan Hernandez

Until the Ben Wetzler Tattletale garbage surfaced, everything about the Phillies 2013 draft was pie. Delicious, creamy, tooled-up pie with a buttery, athletic crust. Jan Hernandez became a key ingredient in that pie when he was drafted in the third round and signed for $550,000. He became the first ever player from the Carlos Beltran
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Will Optical Tracking and Catcher Defense Revelations Change Scouting?

It’s been a while since we’ve had our last major, quantifiable or technological advancement in the public baseball sphere. It’s allowed us, certainly me, to become totally comfortable with just about everything presently on the statistical menu, knowing how everything is cooked and what other stats compliment it. I was comfortable, almost bored. Then, this
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Scouting Notes on Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez

A lot of attention is going to be paid to Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez (I’m not even going to link to BRef, it never goes to the right guy) this spring, and understandably so; he’s the shiny new toy, shrouded in mystery. I wanted to quickly run through what we saw in his first spring appearance
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Phillies Prospect Conversations: Josh Norris (Baseball America)

Better than anyone, Baseball America has been providing comprehensive coverage of all levels of America’s Pastime for over three decades. Whether you’re a subscriber to their website, magazine or purchase the annual Prospect Handbook (which you can find here) you’re going to get well written, informative, dynamic content. I visit their site on a daily
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Phillies Prospect Conversation: Kiley McDaniel (

We continue our discussions on the Phillies farm system with Kiley McDaniel, he of MSN’s and formerly of ESPN, Baseball Prospectus and some front office work, all before the age of 30. Based in Florida, McDaniel does an enormous amount of in-person work on amateur and Latin American talent and, for our purposes, sees
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Longenhagen’s 2014 College Scouting Schedule

I did this last year so I figured I might as well publish it again. This is my college baseball scouting schedule for the spring. In addition to these games (most of which are probably withing driving distance of Eastern Pennsylvania readers) I’ll also be seeing a handful of prep players (Liam Sabino, Joe Gatto,
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The Future is Unwritten: Yoel Mecias

“So, who’s your guy?” This is the question that former Baseball Prospectus prospect writer and current Houston Astros Scouting Director, Kevin Goldstein, would ask current BP prospect writer, Jason Parks, as they were about to finish discussing a team’s farm system on the now defunct Up and In Podcast. The vague simplicity of the question
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The Future is Unwritten: Zach Green

A regularly discussed factor in prospect evaluation is risk. The youngest prospects, while often possessing tremendous upside, have a long developmental road to travel before they can reach the Majors. Often, somewhere along the way they take a wrong turn and end up lost, short, an organizational player. AS we project prospects we have to
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Phillies Prospect Conversations: Chris Crawford (MLBDraftInsider and ESPN)

And so we begin a new season’s worth of conversations with the internet’s best prospect writers. We’ll examine those writers’ lists and talk with them about the Phillies system. Our first participant this year is Chris Crawford, he of ESPN’s MLB Draft coverage and Chris does really terrific work and his readership is deservedly
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Scouting Notes from Nine Baseball’s MLK Invitational

This past Martin Luther King Day I had the opportunity to attend Nine Baseball’s invitation-only tryout for East Coast high schoolers at the Pocono Dome. I’ve included my notes on most of the notable young men in attendance below. I wanted to get these up sooner but a death in the family has prevented me
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The Future is Unwritten: Larry Greene

I enjoy violent contrast in tone and mood in my entertainment. There’s just something about it that tickles me. In high school, I wrote a very uplifting short story called, “Charlie’s Bucket,” for Mr. Whitehead’s sophomore English class. In that story, a little boy named Charlie is new at school and is struggling to make
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The Future is Unwritten: Cord Sandberg


The Future is Unwritten: Aaron Altherr

Happy New Year. Let’s get right to it. Aaron Altherr is the type of athlete the Phillies have stereotypically selected in the amateur draft. They made him a ninth round pick in 2009 out of Agua Fria High School in Arizona and floated him a $150,000 bonus to keep him away from the University of Arizona.
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Longenhagen’s Scouting Report Index

Pitchers Jesse Biddle 1, 2, 3 Brody Colvin Cody Forsythe Luis Garcia Perci Garner Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez with a few updates here Severino Gonzalez Matt Imhof Jay Johnson Mark Leiter Jr.  Ethan Martin 1, 2 Sam McWilliams Yoel Mecias Hoby Milner Adam Morgan 1, 2 Kevin Munson Aaron Nola Nefi Ogando Chris Oliver John Pettibone Yacksel
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The Future is Unwritten: Cameron Perkins

There has been a good amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth among statistically inclined Phillies fans for the club to pursue more college hitters in the draft. A half dozen or so studies have been done on expected return of draft choices and many of them come out the other end touting college bats
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The Future is Unwritten: Luis Encarnacion

One nugget of Phillies-specific process that makes its way into the posts and comments here at Crashburn once in a while is the club’s traditional modus operandi when it comes to acquiring international talent. Usually, the Phillies give Sal Agostinelli, one of the best international scouting directors in the business, his proverbial prospect allowance and
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The Future is Unwritten: Andrew Knapp

The Phillies 2013 draft has acclaimed by many (including yours truly) as one rich with upside laden talent. JP Crawford, Cord Sandberg and Jan Hernandez are all dripping with athleticism and the potential for an explosive Major League tool or two if the Phillies player development squad can turn the dreams of all that raw
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Phillies Select RHP Kevin Munson in Rule 5 Draft, Lose Seth Rosin to Mets

This morning’s Rule 5 draft was over in a flash as only nine players were selected in the Major League phase of the event, one of the lowest totals in recent memory. The Phillies selected right-handed reliever Kevin Munson from the Arizona Diamondbacks organization.


The Future is Unwritten: Kelly Dugan

Kelly Dugan, who was added to the 40-man roster by the Phillies a few weeks ago so as to protect him from next Thursday’s Rule 5 Draft, had himself a fine 2013 season as he hit .291/.352/.506 between Hi-A and Double-A. The 2009 second round pick (he was signed away from a commitment to Pepperdine
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And You May Ask Yourself, “Well, How Did Marlon Byrd Get Here?”

Marlon Byrd was drafted when I was ten years old. At that time I was much more concerned with trying to get Jimmy Rex to trade me his first edition Gyarados card than I was with the Phillies 10th round draft pick. Honestly, most of what pre-teen Eric remembers about the first Marlon Byrd Phillies
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Phillies to Re-sign Carlos Ruiz, 3 years, $26 million

The omniscient, bow-tie wearing Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports is reporting that the Phillies have re-upped with free agent catcher, Carlos Ruiz. Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia inquirer has tweeted that the deal will be worth $26 million over three years. Ruiz, who turns 35 in January, hit .268/.320/.368 in 2013 during a season cut short
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2013 Phillies Report Card: Jonathan Pettibone

Jonathan Pettibone’s big league debut came after just three minor league starts in 2013. He threw 100 Major League innings during his rookie season. They were spread over eighteen starts. That’s about five and a half innings per start and only had one seven inning start, a tad less than you’d like to see from
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Crash Bag, Vol. 80: Sex is Real

Oh, hello. Eric Longenhagen here. Please, let me explain. I don’t like answering emails via the written word. I don’t find it fun. I take baseball too seriously (I’m aware of how dumb that sounds) to infuse fun and humor into questions about Marlon Byrd and Kevin Frandsen like Michael does so well. I just
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2013 Phillies Report Cards: Mauricio Robles

Mauricio Robles saw just under five innings of big league work in 2013 and it did not go well. But after watching Robles all year at Double-A and Triple-A, I actually kind of like him as a viable minor league depth arm.


The Future is Unwritten: Andrew Pullin

Second base-only bats are a rarity. Usually, players that end up at second are guys that couldn’t stick at shortstop or whose clubs didn’t think they’d hit enough to profile in a corner OF spot and so they gave them a shot in the infield and things happened to work out. At least, somewhere along
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Phillies Arizona Fall League Update: Week 4

Ken Giles: Giles put on a show in Saturdays’ Fall Stars game, touching 100mph several times and flashing an above average slider or two. I don’t think the command and secondary pitches are enough for him to close and I have concerns about how true and straight the fastball is, but former scout and current
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2013 Phillies Report Card: Cameron Rupp

Cameron Rupp’s ascent from the Reading to the Majors was one of the few overwhelmingly positive aspects the Phillies organization experienced in 2013. The rotund Texan got his first sip of Major League sweet tea with four September starts in which he reached base five times in fourteen trips to the plate.


The Future is Unwritten: Dylan Cozens

It’s hard to find a nineteen year old who lacks any sort of physical projection but the Phillies have one in Dylan Cozens, the 6’6”, 235lb behemoth outfielder who spent the 2013 season in Williamsport. Cozens, a second round pick in the 2012 draft out of a Scottsdale, AZ high school, was recruited as a
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2013 Phillies Report Card: Steven Susdorf

Once upon a BP dreary, while I scouted weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious swinger of Philadelphian org, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a cracking, As of someone harshly smacking, smacking at lobbed balls galore. `’Tis a five o’clock hitter,’ I muttered, `smacking lobbed balls galore – Only this,
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Phillies Arizona Fall League Update: Week 3

Ken Giles: Giles had just one appearance this week, his first multi-inning excursion this fall. Fastball still sitting 95-97mph though it was down to 93mph towards the end of his second inning of work. He also threw what looked to be his first two changeups this month. He’s still living up in the zone far
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2013 Phillies Report Card: Steven Lerud

When we were assigned our roster of players to write about for this offseason’s report cards, I looked at my list and immediately had an idea of what/how I’d write about each member of the club. But not Steven Lerud.


2013 Phillies Report Card: Ethan Martin

Lacking stimulating stuff in the farm system, the Phillies acquired themselves an intriguing arm from the Dodgers at the 2012 trade deadline in young right-hander, Ethan Martin. Martin’s exceptional natural talent had yet to be harnessed as he struggled, like so many young power pitchers, with control and command to the point where many thought
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Phillies Arizona Fall League Notes: Week 2


2013 Phillies Report Card: Luis Garcia

97mph fastballs don’t grow on trees. Pitchers who can dial up that sort of velocity are coveted, even if they don’t ever develop enough of the other aspects of pitching to be viable Major Leaguer. Because there’s always a chance they will.


Phillies Arizona Fall League Notes: Week 1


2013 Phillies Report Card: Phillippe Aumont

We talk about reliever volatility on this site quite a bit and there has been no more painful microcosm of that proverb than Phillippe Aumont. Last year at this time Aumont had just finished an intriguing September in which he showed stuff we haven’t seen in Philly since Billy Wagner graced the organization with his
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