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2016 Phillies Report Card: Rhys Hoskins

The Phillies entered 2016 with low expectations and big dreams for the future, so it kind of makes sense that some of their brightest spots shone from FirstEnergy Stadium. Home to the Reading Fightin Phils, FirstEnergy hosted the most exciting hitting tandem in minor league baseball this year.


2016 Phillies Report Card: Adam Morgan

Once upon a time, Adam Morgan was a touted pitching prospect, a third round pick in the 2011 draft and a standout performer in the Phillies farm system. In May of 2013, the young lefty was on a sharp upward trajectory, carving up hitters at the AA and AAA levels when a torn rotator cuff
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2016 Phillies Report Card: Jeremy Hellickson

As we made our bold predictions to start off the 2016 baseball season, I guessed that Jeremy Hellickson would be a halfway decent reclamation project for the Phillies. Looks like I was right. (I also predicted that the Blue Jays would win the World Series so what the hell do I know?) At any rate,
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2016 Phillies Report Card: Ryan Howard

On November 3rd, the Phillies declined to pick up Ryan Howard’s $23 million option for 2017, officially ending the once-vaunted slugger’s equally storied and beleaguered tenure in Philadelphia. His departure will surprise you if you spent the last five years in a sensory deprivation tank. This moment was long in the making. We don’t need
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Phillies Are An Illusion Worth Watching

It’s May 20th and the Phillies are one game out of first place. Let’s just savor this for a moment. We are officially one quarter of the way through this baseball season and, at 24-17, the Phillies are seven games over .500. Usually, the next sentence is something like, at this rate, the Phillies are
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Bold Prediction: The Bullpen Will Be Slightly Better Than Terrible

We all got to pick our own topics for this week’s Bold Predictions series, which means I volunteered to do this. As soon as I did, I said to myself, I immediately regret this decision. It’s not exactly easy to prove that our bullpen won’t stink. It’s kind of been our calling card in recent
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The Phillies Are Suspiciously Watchable Right Now

For what it’s worth, which may not be a whole lot, the Phillies are having a damn good spring. After topping the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday afternoon by a score of 5-2, the Phillies secured an 11-4-2 record. Their winning percentage of .733 is good for third place in the Grapefruit League as of
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Hendu Flu Rips Through Phillies Camp

Steve Henderson is probably not the most popular guy in Clearwater, Florida right now. There’s an outbreak in camp and manager Pete Mackanin did not hesitate to throw his hitting coach under the bus. “It’s been going around for a while. It started with Steve Henderson. We’re calling it the Hendu flu,” said Mackanin.


Last Call for Carlos Ruiz

There is perhaps no moment that better encapsulates what catcher Carlos Ruiz has meant to this Phillies team than the final out in Game 1 of the 2010 NLDS. Roy Halladay was brilliant that night, untouchable in fact. With 8 2/3rds innings of no-hit ball in the books, Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips tapped
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