Announcement about the Future of Crashburn Alley

The Phillies are on the verge of completing a cycle of disappointment that started in October 2011. Throughout the Phillies’ tough rebuild and the glory years that preceded it, Crashburn Alley has been a stalwart of the Phillies community. Unfortunately I have not had the time to continue the legacy put forward by years of excellence. After speaking with Bill Baer, we have decided that Crashburn Alley will be coming to an end this summer.

Looking back on the history of the site, it is hard not see its impact on baseball as a whole. The alumni of this site are full time writers, analysts, and employees of major league teams. It has been an honor to run Crashburn the past year and a half, and I am thankful to Bill for giving me the opportunity and to Eric Chesterton for reaching out to me to take his place. I must thank former writers and editors who have been great sounding boards and fonts of advice and guidance. Additionally, I would like to thank the current writers for a fun time here, and for their insight and willingness to jump onto difficult and interesting topics. Lastly, a big thanks to the readers and the community here, as well as all of you who donated last summer to keep it running.

Bill asked me to include his final thanks and thoughts on the end of the site

Thank you for the support through the years. It has been rewarding to have seen so many talented people use Crashburn Alley as a launching pad for their careers. I learned so much not just from the writers but by the readers as well. Crashburn Alley was a tremendous source of pride for me, which is why I’m so sad to shut it down. But given the circumstances, it just makes sense. Perhaps some day it’ll come back again. In the meantime, please continue to support the writers elsewhere.Bill Baer

Going forward Bill will be keeping the website name, and I will be working on creating an archive of the writing that will continue to be accessible. As for where to continue to find good writing, here is where you can find the work of notable former writers.

Bill Baer – Hardball Talk

Michael Baumann – The Ringer

Paul Boye – The Good Phight (also their twitter account)

Corrine Landry – Philadelphia Phillies

Spencer Bingol – Boston Red Sox

Eric Chesterton – Cut4

Eric Longenhagen – Fangraphs

Ben Harris – The Athletic

You can also follow the current writers on twitter: Brad Engler, Adam Dembowitz, Michael Schickling, Tim Guenther, and myself

Once again thank you all for reading this site.