Phillies Select Alec Bohm with the #3 Overall Pick

After 24 hours of speculation and some hope around Casey Mize sliding to the #3 pick, everything went as expected with the Phillies selecting Wichita State 3B Alec Bohm with the #3 overall pick. Bohm was widely considered the best bat in the draft. There may have been some prospects with better hit tool and some players who can compete on raw power, but Bohm’s combination of hit tool and power put him ahead of other hitters in the draft. Bohm has also shown improvement every year and has a track record of hitting with wood bats. He profiles as at least an everyday regular at third, but if he can fully tap into his raw power without sacrificing much hit tool, he could be an all-star level, middle of the order contributor.

The Phillies won’t pick again today so Johnny Almaraz the Phillies Director of Amateur Scouting weighed in on Bohm to beat writers.

Now the Phillies are obviously going to be the high ones on Bohm. This is the first we have heard about the outfield, but it makes sense that Bohm does move fairly well and his arm does play there, but for now his future will be at third base. Bohm’s bat and track record of hitting should indicate he should move quickly and there is no reason for him to not sign quickly and start as high as Lakewood. If he hits well he could make it to Clearwater by the end of the year. If he can do that, then a 2019 debut is not impossible if things go well.

The next big thing will be what does Bohm sign for. We will get some indication based on what the Phillies do tomorrow starting with their 4th round pick.

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  1. Wawa Mike

    June 05, 2018 11:53 AM

    I wanted Singer, but I liked Bohm also. I’m on board with the pick. He seems a little gangly to me, I predict a lot of agility drills in his future.
    We’re all rooting for you kid. Good Luck.

  2. Edwin

    June 07, 2018 01:39 AM

    Better call the Bohm squad

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