The Phillies Aren’t Hitting Relievers

The Phillies are currently 3-5 and coming off a bit of a downer of a 3rd game in their series with the Marlins. In the final game of the series the Phillies repeated a pattern that they have had in many of their games this season. After scoring three runs early in the game, the Phillies managed 1 hit over the final 6 innings. When the Phillies bullpen faltered, the offense could not muster any runs to hold off defeat.

On the year the Phillies are hitting .278/.380/.474 off of starting pitchers. In 160 plate appearances they have 22 walks to 36 strikeouts. Now much of this is boosted by Saturday’s destruction of the Marlins, but the Phillies also knocked Noah Syndergaard out of the game early in their series vs the Mets before being unable to muster anything against the bullpen. Early in games the Phillies have been grinding at bats, and drawing walks. Last in games they have been having strikeouts and an inability to sustain offense. The results has been outcomes like this.

1st inning: .333/.439/.545 7 BB 10 K
2nd inning: .214/.290/.357 3 BB 11 K
3rd inning: .353/.439/.529 6 BB 6 K
4th inning: .324/.425/.529 6 BB 8 K
5th inning .115/.207/.346 3 BB 6 K
6th inning: .281/.415/.438 7 BB 11 K
7th inning: .115/.148/.346 1 BB 10 K
8th inning: .111/.172/.148 2 BB 11 K
9th inning: .150/.292/.150 4 BB 7 K

Now we are talking about sub 30 PA sample sizes and unsutainably low BABIPs in the late innings and unsustainably high BABIPs in the early innings. Based on luck alone, the Phillies should get a hit off a reliever at some point this season. For now, the numbers match the eye test, which is the Phillies just not doing much of anything against bullpens this year.