Monday (Tuesday) Morning (Afternoon) Roundtable: Trade Deadline Recap

In case you were under a rock, the Phillies did this over the past week or so.

After waiting to see if Matt Klentak did anything crazy I asked the writers here to weigh in.

The Phillies traded Pat Neshek, Howie Kendrick, Jeremy Hellickson, and Joaquin Benoit. What is your gut reaction to how the Phillies did?

Adam: I’m actually surprised the Phillies were able to move all four of those guys. Neshek was a slam dunk, but considering Kendrick’s injuries this year, and the underwhelming performances of Hellickson and Benoit, it’s got to be considered an A+ deadline for Klentak & Co. It’s been clear for weeks that there was no market for Tommy Joseph, whose 99 wRC+ is an unappealing 24th among all qualified first basemen. This offseason, there could certainly be a chance to deal him, probably in a package, but first base is so deep and power is cheaper now that everyone seems capable of hitting 20+ homers. Considering the leaguewide trends we saw at this deadline — tons of relievers and rentals moving, essentially no hitters moving, and low prices being paid compared to expectations — Joseph staying put is not a failure. Continue reading…