Phillies Avoid Arbitration with Cesar Hernandez

The Phillies reached a contract agreement with Cesar Hernandez Friday afternoon to avoid an arbitration hearing, according to Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports. With the deal, Hernandez is set to make $2.55 million in 2017.

This is Hernandez’s first exposure to arbitration due to his Super 2 status. The $2.55 million figure is near midpoint of the figures the two sides exchanged last month when they were unable to reach an agreement before the deadline to avoid scheduling a hearing. The Phillies filed for $2.0 million while Hernandez and his representation filed for $2.8 million. Prior to the offseason, MLB Trade Rumors–which is usually pretty good at estimating arbitration figures–predicted Hernandez would earn $2.55 million. In short, nothing out of the ordinary to see here. Continue reading…

Crash Bag, Vol. 5: Wing Bowl, Ice Cream, and Conception

Congratulations, everyone! We’ve nearly made it through the 2016-17 offseason. This marks the first Crash Bag of February and, therefore, the first Crash Bag of my doing in a month where baseball players will do baseball things wearing their teams’ uniforms. The darkness is almost lifted on the offseason, but we have some dark questions to bring us back down to earth, starting with a biggie.

@Chet_Youbetcha: Which current player would win wing bowl? Who would be the most fun to attend with? Any wing bowl mail bag discussion would be neat.

I had the misfortune of attending Wing Bowl a couple years ago, I believe it was 2014. At the time, I worked with Skin and Bones, a local fixture on the Wing Bowl scene. A couple of us took off work that day and went to see him eat wings. I knew, generally, what Wing Bowl was, and was ready to feel out of place and be constantly appalled by my fellow attendees. But, that abstract distaste was nothing compared the the actual disgust I felt during the two or three hours I was in the Wells Fargo Center. Continue reading…

Phillies Sign Chris Coghlan

It is difficult to muster enthusiasm for a player on a minor league contract. As to the selection of a team’s fifth outfielder, it is much the same. Today, then, the Phillies doubled down on unexciting in the minor league signing of Chris Coghlan, who will come to Spring Training with aspirations of netting one of the remaining bench slots on the roster.

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