A Crashburn Changeover

When I joined Crashburn Alley two and a half years ago, I had the pleasure of joining a writing crew of Michael Baumann, Paul Boye, Eric Longenhagen, Ryan Sommers and, of course, our bossman, Bill Baer. Over time I’ve watched as each of them has moved on and today, it’s time for me to do the same. Tomorrow I will be starting a new job writing for MLB.com’s Cut4 site which means this is my penultimate piece at Crashburn Alley.

I’ve deeply enjoyed the opportunity to talk about Phillies baseball with you over the past few years and cannot thank you, the readers, enough for helping create a community which makes Crashburn such a tremendous place to write. It’s not easy for me to say goodbye, but I am excited that my moving on means someone else has the opportunity to step up. We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Crashburn Alley isn’t going anywhere thanks to our new editor-in-chief, Spencer Bingol.

You’ve likely read some of Spencer’s excellent work here at Crashburn, but he’s also been a stellar writer and editor for Beyond The Box Score. I have full confidence in his ability to step up to the plate, as it were, and I cannot wait to see what he does with the place. I only ask that you treat him as well as you have treated me.

I want to thank our current writing staff, Adam Dembowitz, Brad Engler, Tim Guenther, Ben Harris, Michael Schickling, and Dave Tomar for their many contributions to the site. Additionally, I need to thank Bill Baer first for giving me the opportunity to start writing about baseball and then for trusting me to manage the site that he spent so many years building.

As I said up top, this is my penultimate post. Rather than making a self-indulgent note my final word, I’ll say goodbye to the site with a more baseball-relevant farewell which you will be able to read later this morning.

Thanks again to all of you. If you want to keep in touch, I’ll still be around on Twitter (@crashlandrey) and if you want to keep reading my work you can do so at Cut4 where I’ll be working full-time and at FanGraphs where I’ll now be contributing once a week.

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  1. Dante

    September 12, 2016 08:54 AM

    It’s been a pleasure reading your work here Corinne, and I’ll continue to read your stuff wherever you go.

  2. Rei De Bastoni

    September 12, 2016 09:01 AM

    Good luck, Corinne.

    And I guess I don’t need to be on this website anymore, either. If there are no writers, how can there be readers? Thanks for the last 5-6 years I’ve been reading; it was fun while it lasted.

    • Corinne Landrey

      September 12, 2016 02:38 PM

      The site is in exceptional hands with Spencer leading the charge. I may not be writing here any longer but I’ll absolutely be sticking around as a reader.

      • Rei De Bastoni

        September 13, 2016 08:55 AM

        I’ve always enjoyed Spencer’s writing, especially his article on grading pitches based on stats. My concern was that since you’ve come aboard, articles written by everyone else, including Baer at the end of his tenure, have been pretty sparse.

        Considering he’s just released a couple this morning, hopefully he’ll produce an similar amount of content as you have.

  3. Romus

    September 12, 2016 09:08 AM

    Good luck and enjoyed your work here and will read it on Fangraphs .

  4. Chris S

    September 12, 2016 11:24 AM

    Good luck in your future endeavors you have been great here and I’m sure you’ll do great at MLB.com!

  5. David

    September 12, 2016 04:06 PM

    Thanks very much Corinne. I’ve really appreciated your writing and thoughtful columns.

  6. Dudeguypal

    September 12, 2016 06:24 PM

    Sigh. First BLG leaves bleeding green nation. And now this. I don’t comment much but I’ve loved your work since you took over for Bill. Good luck in your new endeavor!

  7. Gil

    September 12, 2016 06:58 PM

    Wishing you the very best Corinne and please accept my sincere thanks for all your fine writing and insightful analysis. Your articles are what hooked me into considering this site the best of the bunch, yet I definitely plan to continue visiting CA and look forward to Spencer and others continuing to offer top quality writing about our Phils.

    Looking forward to continuing to read your writing elsewhere and now look to Spencer and co. to help me get through the winter. Best of luck!

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