2014 Phillies Report Card: Jeff Manship

Jeff Manship: The Man Who Launched A Thousand Tweets

There were literally dozens of Man-Ship type jokes to choose from. These were some of my favorites.

I’ll be honest with you, I would have never guessed that Jeff Manship threw 23 MLB innings this year. Seems like he was around for about two weeks at the beginning of the year (it was two months), then was back for a short while in the summer before getting hurt. He certainly didn’t leave much of a positive mark on the traditional stat line – his ERA of 6.65 was higher than his K/9 of 6.26, (and only slightly higher than his BB/9 of 5.48). Somehow, his ERA retrodictors were in the 4s. I’ll blame allowing just one home run, in addition to five of his 14 walks being intentional, and otherwise pin it on sample size.

Look, there was room for a Jeff Manship type in the pen early in the year, (apparently, there was room for two, as you may recall Shawn Camp worked three games as well in late April and early May). Mario Hollands making the team made three lefties, righty Ken Giles was not ready to come north with the big club, having never spent a day above A+ and having spent 2013 mostly injured and otherwise not great in Clearwater, and Phillippe Aumont was working on his new “standing tall like Randy Johnson” delivery, that resulted in him neither looking like he was standing tall, nor pitching remotely like Randy Johnson. Manship had no options and he was OK in the spring, and so he Set Sail For Philly. (I promise not to do that again).

Manship filled a need for a right-handed arm who worked mainly at the front of the bullpen, and pitched very well with the bases empty, a .233 wOBA against. Problem was, he fell apart with men on base, (.558) and imploded in a spectacular, super-massive-black-holeish kind of way with men in scoring position (.734). Seven Thirty-Four!!! He pitched to 20 batters with men in scoring position (and intentionally walked five more), and recorded just eight outs. That’s a little bit more than bad, folks. It could be compared to a boat getting into some kind of accident, I suppose, (if promises hadn’t been made in the last graph).

Manship wasn’t good enough to work his way back into an improved bullpen at the end of the year after being waived in July. He spent a couple weeks in AAA he elected free agency at season’s end. I guess you could say he’s [REDACTED STYX/MARITIME REFERENCE].

Giving in to my natural instinct to judge based on stats like SIERA or xFIP might land Manship something like a D. But boy, his performance with men on base and runners in scoring position was simply horrendous. Watching him work was agonizing, and he couldn’t get himself past the ghost of Mike Adams on the depth chart, which says about all you need to know, I think. (“Depth chart” is almost a submarine reference, but not really.)

Grade: F

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