Ken Rosenthal: Phillies discussing Asche move

In his column today, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported that the Phillies are having internal discussions about moving Cody Asche to the outfield next season in deference to Maikel Franco who has made his adjustments and begun to hit at Triple-A. Who could have predicted that?

Asche’s defense at third base has been poor. Here were my thoughts on his glove when I published my full report on him in 2012 when I had plenty of looks at him in Reading:

Asche’s defense at third base was the main hang up for me whilst watching him this season. He looked so terrible at times that I thought working him in both outfield corners and at first base for the next two years was the best course of action, hoping he could become a useful, four corners bench bat.

Asche was sent to the 2012 Arizona Fall League where he showed some defensive improvement under new, heavy instruction and that, combined with his reputable work ethic, caused me to bump his peak future defensive grade up from below average (40) to fringe-average (45). It clearly hasn’t played that way so far.


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