Derek Jeter Pulled A Jimmy Rollins on Monday

The year-long Derek Jeter farewell tour is under way. Yankees fans got to see him at home for the first time during the 2014 regular season yesterday against the Orioles. Jeter almost gave them a storybook day, lining a Ubaldo Jimenez offering down the left field line. Everyone — the fans, the YES Network broadcasters, and even Jeter himself — thought he had a home run, but the ball caromed off of the top of the wall and Jeter dove head-first into second base for a double.

What became apparent on the replay was that Jeter loafed out of the batter’s box, assuming he had a home run. Only by the time he was near the first base bag did Jeter kick it into a higher gear. Had he hustled the whole way, he would have had an easy double. The YES Network broadcast team — including Michael Kay, who routinely blasted Robinson Cano for a lack of hustle — immediately began rationalizing Jeter’s lack of hustle. Oh, he thought it was a home run! It’s, like, the only time he’s ever not hustled in his career! It’s justified because he was safe anyway!

What would the reaction have been if Jimmy Rollins or Yasiel Puig did this? Not nearly as friendly, I can guarantee you that.

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