Longenhagen’s 2014 College Scouting Schedule

I did this last year so I figured I might as well publish it again. This is my college baseball scouting schedule for the spring. In addition to these games (most of which are probably withing driving distance of Eastern Pennsylvania readers) I’ll also be seeing a handful of prep players (Liam Sabino, Joe Gatto, Devin Smletzer, etc.). Now I won’t get to all of these games and I don’t expect to write about any of these kids for Crashburn so I’m only posting this is for you, the readers. If you’re looking for a reason to see more baseball this spring (including baseball in late February and March when there isn’t any other way to get it) or to expand your horizons as an observer by watching baseball in a strange and interesting environment, this list is a nice guide for you to follow.

The chart is fairly self-explanatory. Players are sorted by conference and then by school. I have the dates those players are within driving distance of me and, in the next column, the schools at which they play for those dates. I have notable players emboldened. The first date on the list? East Carolina’s Jeff Hoffman comes to Virginia on February 21st. Some people think Hoffman has a case to go 1-1 in the upcoming draft. I’ll find out whether or not that merits consideration when, on March 21st, I go to College Park to see Carlos Rodon. There’s more going on in the northeast than usual this year and I encourage you to get off you ass and check it out. If anyone has questions I’ll answer them in the comments. Happy scouting. Continue reading…

Once Again: The Phillies Should Platoon Ryan Howard

It seems like we say this every year, but it’s worth repeating frequently until the Phillies actually do it: Ryan Howard should be relegated to facing right-handed pitching only going forward. $75 million through 2016 (plus a $10 million buyout for 2017) is a lot of money to spend on a platoon player, but he is essentially a sunk cost now. Their priority should be extracting as much value out of Howard as they can before his time is up.

Here’s a look at how Howard has performed against pitchers by handedness since his first full season in 2006:

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