Let’s Talk About the Phillies Lineup

At Beerleaguer, Mike Wisniewski goes over some lineup options for the Phillies, including putting Chase Utley in the lead-off spot. We found that to be the best option last season as well, when we did the same exercise. Also of note from last year’s post was that Revere ends up being used in the #9 spot behind the pitcher.

As this will be Ryne Sandberg‘s first full season at the helm, we don’t know his quirks yet, but he doesn’t have the same relationship with the players that Charlie Manuel did. That means he might actually move Jimmy Rollins out of the lead-off spot to lower in the order where he would be more useful. Rollins himself has stated in the past that he prefers batting lead-off, so he may campaign once more for the status quo if there is talk of moving him further down.

This is complete speculation, but a likely Phillies lineup could look like this:

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