Can the Phillies Win the East in 2014?

Dan Szymborski ($) seems to think so. Szymborski’s argument for not counting out the Phils making a serious push to the top of the division hinges around payroll flexibility, acknowledging that Roy Halladay‘s money is off the books and a new television deal is on the horizon, so even though Ruben Amaro has made it clear he wishes to stay below the $189M luxury tax threshold, the safety net is almost in place.

But the amount of work left to do is sizable, and I think we all realize this. Having the resources to accomplish most (if not all) of it doesn’t seem like an outlandish thing to believe; as always, it’s a question of how the resources are allocated.

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Phillies Arizona Fall League Update: Week 4

Ken Giles:

Giles put on a show in Saturdays’ Fall Stars game, touching 100mph several times and flashing an above average slider or two. I don’t think the command and secondary pitches are enough for him to close and I have concerns about how true and straight the fastball is, but former scout and current writer Bernie Pleskoff thinks he’ll be an absolute stud closer if he irons out the command issues. I’ll see if I can’t get some thoughts from Bernie for next week’s update. This is a Major League arm, for sure. He just needs to stay healthy.

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