2013 Phillies Report Card: Casper Wells

Casper Wells came to the plate 76 times in 2013, 26 of those as a member of the Phillies. He arrived via waivers in early August, making Philadelphia his third club of the season. Perhaps the greatest thing about his arrival is that the concurrent move was designating Delmon Young for assignment, a transaction greeted with much joy and reverence (more on Delmon a little later in this series). As for Casper himself, he was about as unremarkable as many of the other 17 outfielders the Phillies employed at some point during the year.

In red pinstripes he had one hit, a double, and eight strikeouts. His most spectacular performance as a hitter came in the form of an 0-for-7 sombrero in the maddening 18-inning affair against the Diamondbacks on August 24. He also took the mound as an emergency reliever in that game, surrendering five runs on three hits and three walks (one IBB). He was DLed with vision problems two days later and would make only one additional appearance after returning. He elected free agency as won’t be back.

The outfield was a mess in 2013, and Wells did little to help that image. To his credit, he did have some nice defensive plays, but those are the only things saving him from an F.


Bill Michael Eric Ryan
D- D D F

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  1. Louis Hansell

    November 22, 2013 10:45 PM

    It is possible that Wells led to Charlie getting himself fired. By that I mean that RAJ didn’t fire him as much as Charlie agitated until he got fired.
    Charlie famously never criticized his players in public. But I am sure he could be tough on RAJ for not providing real major league players to manage. Charlie must have been mortified when, turning to his bench for a bat late in a tight game, he realized that he only had that John McDonald smurf to use. In the week leading up to his ‘firing’, he could see the end coming: his contract wouldn’t be renewed, and RAJ was going to bring up impostors like Mini-Mart regularly, once a week, in his charade as GM.
    So Charlie turned up the heat during those kaffe-klatches with RAJ, culminating in spritzing hot coffee all over RAJ one morning when RAJ said “We just acquired Caspar Wells”.

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