The Future is Unwritten: Dylan Cozens

It’s hard to find a nineteen year old who lacks any sort of physical projection but the Phillies have one in Dylan Cozens, the 6’6”, 235lb behemoth outfielder who spent the 2013 season in Williamsport. Cozens, a second round pick in the 2012 draft out of a Scottsdale, AZ high school, was recruited as a Defensive End by Arizona State before the Phillies signed him away from the Sun Devils for a bonus just south of $660,000. Continue reading…

2013 Phillies Report Card: B.J. Rosenberg

Many years ago, when I first started dating the woman who is now my wife, we were driving on a highway and passed a B.J’s Wholesale Club (pretty much a Costco as I understand it) that was under construction. Her father is apparently fond of shopping there for things, and, accordingly, she exclaimed “Oh! My dad loves BJs!” I laughed, a lot.

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Crash Bag, Vol. 78: Ted Williams Shift

The other night, when I was watching a Cardinal (I believe Carlos Beltran), hit a screaming line drive straight into the Ted Williams Shift for an out, I remarked that if I were dictator of baseball, I’d outlaw the shift, which generated this response:

@SamMillerBP: “Why?”

Fair question.

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Programming Note

The baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint, they say. It’s true. For me, I’ve been covering seven marathons since I started this website. In the time since, I’ve added various responsibilities covering those marathons wearing different hats. After the 2013 season, past six years of covering baseball without stopping to catch my breath, I am officially burned out.

Don’t worry, I just need a small break. I’m taking one now, for two weeks. I’m leaving the site in the capable hands of the remaining four, and I’m taking a break from my writing responsibilities with ESPN and NBC’s HardballTalk for two weeks as well. I am not going to write a single article, though some will continue to be posted in my name as I had written them towards the end of October. Gonna recharge the ol’ batteries, you know? Then I’ll come back on the 15th ready to cover the off-season in kick-ass fashion as you’ve grown used to over the years here.

I have three requests for you, the loyal Crashburn readers: 1) keep the place tidy while I’m gone, 2) treat the remaining four well, and 3) leave me some feedback here in the comments. What would you like to see covered here specifically? It can be a trade idea, a potential free agent signing, roster gymnastics, etc. Is there anything you’d like to see added to the website in terms of functionality? If you have any comments, concerns, ideas, questions, etc., leave them below. I’ll come back on the 15th to read and consider every single one.

Thanks. I’ll miss you.