2013 Phillies Report Card: Roger Bernadina

Roger Bernadina was one of 15 different players to see time in the outfield for the Phillies this season. He’s one amongst a crowd of underachievers and injury replacements, yet he somehow managed to be the most divisively graded player to date in this series.

Signed two days after his release from the Nationals in August, Bernadina was looked to to be a center field stop gap as it became more clear that Ben Revere would not be returning from his injury. Bernadina’s descent was steep; his 2012 was a rather excellent reserve season (.291/.372/.405 in 261 PA) but his 2013 started slowly and never recovered. He lost playing time to the younger and only slightly more effective Steve Lombardozzi and Tyler Moore – likely mainly because of age, but with due consideration to Bernadina’s arbitration eligibility – and after collecting just two hits in only 20 PA from the start of July to mid-August, he was set free.

So the Phillies, having tired of trying to pretend that one of John Mayberry or Michael Martinez was capable of playing the position, picked up Bernadina, ostensibly as a tryout for 2014. The tryout wasn’t a great one.

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