Phillies Arizona Fall League Notes: Week 1

Ken Giles:

Giles’ fastball has been sitting mid 90s and has been up to 97mph with a mid 80s slider. He’s struck out five hitters in two innings of work. After living up in the zone against Jorge Alfaro, the first hitter he faced, Giles has been better at keeping the ball down.


Kyle Simon:

Pitched 2 and 1/3 innings on Saturday, his only appearance so far. He yielded a run. No reports on him just yet. During the season he sat in the high 80s with heavy sink and a frisby slider. He’s interesting and quirky but I don’t think it’s going to work. He’s unique enough that I’m waiting for opinions from Fall League to supplement my own thoughts.


Mike Nesseth:

Really struggled in his one inning this week in which he surrendered four hits and a walk. Fastball was mostly 90-91mph but he touched 93mph once or twice. Cutter 86-88mph induced no swings and misses and no weak contact. Changeup in the low 80s.


Austin Wright:

Fastball up to 93mph as well. Wright, too, struggled with control and anything he’s throwing for strikes he’s throwing to his glove side which was a trend he displayed this season. Curveball in the upper 70s with nice depth. He’s been primarily fastball thus far as 32 of his 38 Fall pitches have been heaters. The other six are all curveballs. The transition of Wright into a two-pitch reliever is in full swing.


Cameron Rupp:

He’s 3-8 with a double, a walk and three strikeouts. Rupp, always pull happy, continues to show a taste for inside pitches. I’m charting pitch types and locations based on the Pitch f/x for Fall League and Rupp has swung at eight of the nine pitches he’s seen that I have charted as “inside.” That includes inside strikes and pitches too far inside to be considered strikes.


Kelly Dugan:

Dugan went home with turf toe and did not get an AB. I think he’s likely to be added to the 40-man roster this offseason but it appears unlikely he’ll be playing anywhere. Cameron Perkins has taken his place and hasn’t received an AB yet.


Aaron Altherr:

2-3 with a walk in just one game. All three of the balls Altherr has put into play have been off-speed pitches. He hasn’t seen a pitch above 92mph yet.

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