The Future is Unwritten: Malquin Canelo Scouting Report

Not every name you’ll see me bring up this offseason will be one you’re immediately familiar with. There are plenty of players whose names you don’t know at all (and who I’ve overlooked) who will make noise as prospects at some point soon, potentially next year. Hell, Kelly Dugan didn’t even make Baseball America’s Phillies top 30 this year where was listed on their organizational depth chart as a first baseman (he’s a plus defender in the OF) and he’s one of the more interesting guys in the entire system now. That word, “interesting,” is an important one to keep in mind this offseason as we plow through as many scouting reports as we can here at Crashburn. Not every prospect we’ll talk about is special, there aren’t enough special prospects in any system to sustain an entire offseason’s worth of content if that’s a requisite criterion. But everyone is interesting, especially the fatally flawed ones who are walking reminders of how sacred we should hold the ones that are truly special. One of these paper tigers is shortstop Malquin Canelo who spent most of this year at Short Season Williamsport. Continue reading…

The Afterthought Lies In Wait

This has been a ripe year for trivia questions we’ll ask ourselves years down the line. Can you name every player who played center field? How many players had first names starting with J? Who were the two Steves that saw playing time? Test your friends!

It’s a forgettable year, but one that was expected by everyone this side of the Marcus Hayes Line. Even the rosiest glasses were scuffed by the letdown of 2012, and the possibility that 2013 would play out just as it has was far from the craziest of suggestions.

Aside from meaningless minutiae and realized disappointments like that, the hope is that the next question asked alongside those will go something like this: remember that time we forgot about Ryan Howard?

Continue reading…

Crash Bag, Vol. 73: Did You Mean Felman Shrung?

Greetings, Crash Bag readers. I am not Michael Baumann. I’m Liz Roscher, Supreme Blog Mistress over at The Good Phight, and I’m filling in for Baumann this week. He still loves you all very much, though. At least that’s what he said. He could have been lying.

On to the questions!

@ilrosso_: Can you describe the Phillies season in a series of Project Runway gifs?

Project Runway is probably my second favorite reality competition show on TV right now. There’s no eating of nasty things, no surviving on an island for 30 days (or as long as other people can stand you), no singing, no housewives, no hoarding, no ducks, and no creepy tiny beauty queens. The contestants make clothes, and they live and die on their talent. Heidi Klum is gorgeous and marvelously, bluntly German. Tim Gunn is wise and fatherly, if your father wore impeccable suits and dispensed brilliant fashion advice.

Project Runway is about fashion and there is almost no overlap with sports. One season they did design costumes for WWE wrestler women, and then there was the season where they had to design a suit for former football player and noted tiny man Tiki Barber. But while there is a dearth of sports, there is no shortage of DRAMA. Fights, breakdowns, crying jags, temper tantrums, back talking, and endless reaction shots of judges looking at singularly ugly clothing. So, @ilrosso_, I absolutely can describe the Phillies season in a series of Project Runway gifs, owing to the intense DRAMA that makes up every single episode. Continue reading…