Please Don’t Get Sexy: Trevor May

Last October I published a report here on former Phillies prospect, Trevor May (which you should probably take 5 minutes to read before you take in this piece. It’s very relevant later on). Once the top prospect in the system, May’s 2012 season was a rocky, frustrating campaign which saw his prospect status suffer a precipitous decline. May was traded during the offseason to the Minnesota Twins as part of the Ben Revere trade. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to see a new incarnation of Trevor May, a pitcher who is covered in the developmental fingerprints of the Minnesota system. Continue reading…

The Embellished Season of Michael Young

Given the tendency of the local and national media to deify Michael Young in the past, we should have seen the embellishment of Michael Young’s unproductive 2013 season coming. We heard some of it — good teammate, great in the clubhouse — as trade rumors circulated towards the July 31 trade deadline, and now that the August 31 waiver deadline is drawing ever nearer, writers are getting their last words in about Young’s contributions to the disappointing Phillies team.

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Starting Pitching the Latest Cause for Concern for the Phillies

Since returning from the All-Star break on July 19, the Phillies have by far posted the worst starting pitching ERA among all 30 teams in the Majors at 6.55. And this is with a much-improved Cole Hamels, who has posted a 2.67 ERA in four starts since the break.

Among those 30 teams since the break, Phillies starters have posted the fourth-lowest strikeout rate at 15.5 percent and the third-lowest overall swing-and-miss rate at 17.3 percent. This has resulted in 15 home runs allowed, the second-highest amount by a National League team. Batters have also hit .372 on balls in play.

Here’s a look at the starters individually since the break (excluding the one spot start by Raul Valdes):

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