Delmon Young Had A Bad Night (.gifs)

Lots of things have gone wrong for the Phillies since coming back from the All-Star break. They have lost 13 of 15 games and have kissed any of the previously-improbable odds of making a run at the post-season goodbye. Injuries have stolen Domonic Brown, Ben Revere, and Ryan Howard from the Phillies and they have been hard-pressed to replace the lost production.

The Phillies dropped last night’s nationally-televised game to the Braves 4-1, giving the Braves their tenth win in a row and the Phillies their fifth loss in a row. It was a depressing game all-around, but it was Delmon Young who ran away with the worst performance of the night. In four at-bats, he struck out four times and saw a total of 15 pitches. Those of you quick at math realize that it takes three strikes to strike out, so with four strikeouts you have 12 of your pitches gone right there, meaning Young saw only three extraneous pitches in four at-bats. It was, in the time between when you wiped the tears from the corner of your eye and your next crying fit, comical.

Let’s relive Delmon’s night together, in .gif form after the jump. The usual caveat applies: if you have a slow computer, the barrage of .gifs may bog it down, so be forewarned.

(Some of the .gifs jump right in the middle of the pitcher’s wind-up, this is because the cameras were looking at something else at the time during the broadcast.)

Bottom of the 2nd

Yeah, a ball! There will be plenty of these tonight!

Bottom of the 4th

Ugliest at-bat of the year?

Bottom of the 7th

Nice, a 2-0 count — the ball is in Delmon’s court now. What can possibly go wrong?

Bottom of the 9th

Not once, in any of these four at-bats, did Young come even remotely close to putting a ball in play. 15 pitches, seven swinging strikes.

A look at where all 15 pitches were:

The pitches Young specifically swung at:

Young, by the way, is at 285 plate appearances. 15 more and he’ll earn another $150,000 per the performance incentive in his contract.

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