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  1. Phillie697

    August 01, 2013 12:01 PM


    If I was RAJ and I’m talking to the Red Sox, the FIRST thing I would have said is, “Look at the Matt Garza trade. Let’s be real, if you want Lee, you have to cough up AT LEAST as much. In fact, in comparison, you should be offering us more than that since 1) Lee isn’t a rental, and 2) Lee is BETTER. As for his salary, well, that’s completely negotiable. The better the prospects you offer me, the more money I’m willing to take.”

    If that was his stance with the Red Sox, I am willing to bet my life savings the Lee deal would have gotten done, and we wouldn’t be embarrassed about the return we got.

    Joecatz has said on numerous occasions (a month and half ago when he still think we should go for it) that his worst scenario is if we miss the playoffs AND we don’t trade anybody. His worst-case scenario has come to pass. My response to him at that time is that if we don’t trade Lee and Papelbon, that’s probably going to happen because 1) we’re not going to make the playoffs, so don’t kid yourself, and 2) we ain’t got anything else good to trade. To me, his “dream” scenario is not much different that what has actually transpired. If he rated his dream scenario as A- to B+ depending on return, then his rating for what actually happened should be something like B-. Does anyone think RAJ should get a B- for this?

  2. Brian

    August 02, 2013 02:43 PM


    “No one was moving prospects for anyone.

    Look, if other deals were getting made, other names were getting dealt different story, but no one did anything. There’s never been a deadline like this ever.

    Is the market changing in front of us. ”

    Don’t mistake absence of evidence for evidence of absence.

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