Remembering July 2006

July 2006 was really the last time the Phillies were legitimately considered a “bad” team, and even then, they were only six games under .500. Your current squad just happens to be six games under .500 after last night’s win. Like the ’06 team, the ’13 Phillies have a 34-year-old injury-prone catcher on the verge of free agency and a veteran third baseman whose best years are long behind him. Most importantly and most similarly, the ’06 team had a tough decision to make leading up to the trade deadline with a franchise superstar. Right fielder¬†Bobby Abreu was well on his way to free agency and the Phillies were preparing to transition. They traded Abreu, along with Cory Lidle, to the Yankees for a handful of prospects and salary relief.

After the trade, then-GM Pat Gillick warned fans to temper their expectations for the foreseeable future, as the franchise healed the wounds suffered from poor free agent signings and trades dating back to the late 1990’s.

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