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Graph of the Intermittent Time Period

Not a graph, but a chart, showing the locations of Cliff Lee‘s 16 home runs allowed in 144.2 innings this season. He allowed three in six innings yesterday in the series finale against the New York Mets as he was outdueled by Matt Harvey.

15 of the 16 home runs have been to right-handed hitters. The one given up to a lefty was up-and-in curve to Jay Bruce.

Despite the recent rash of home runs — seven in his last two starts — Lee has otherwise been stingy with the long ball, averaging one home run every nine innings, just a hair above his career average 0.9 per nine innings.

The start raised his ERA over 3.00 for the first time since May 6. Lee is having a great season, but it seems to have been lost under the long ball struggles over the last week. He is still averaging about six strikeouts for every one walk — the second-best strikeout-to-walk ratio among all starting pitchers, ahead of even Matt Harvey (5.6). Lee’s 3.08 xFIP, just three-hundredths of a point above his actual ERA, is fifth-best in the National League, 0.01 behind Clayton Kershaw.