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Minor League Tidbits

As always, full scouting reports on guys like this would not be an efficient use of my time (or I’ve already written them) but you should be informed nonetheless. Enjoy.


Mauricio Robles – Continues to show good stuff with the Pigs. Phillies execs like what they see here. I’m continuously impressed with how much he pitches downhill despite his diminutive stature. Just before Luis Garcia was called up, I was at a game in which Garcia, Robles and Pawtucket’s Chris Martin were the three best arms on the field that night. All three of them were scrap heap signings and all three will wear a big league uniform at some point.

Mike Macdougal- Fastball is a plus offering, 91-94mph with plenty of sink but the secondary stuff is averageish. His command and control are still inconsistent. He’s a nice depth arm, though. I bet he could pitch in the Majors somewhere as the last man on the staff and be just fine.

Greg Smith – He’s not a prospect but he has the best pickoff move IronPigs fans have seen since Travis Blackley. He pitched the front end of a double header last week which was the completion of a suspended game from a few months ago. He got the win and Luis Garcia got the save. Due to International League rules, the game will go into the record books back in May on its original date when both Smith and Garcia were technically unemployed.

Cameron Rupp – Rupp puzzles me. The hand-eye coordination is not good but the power is real, 55 or 60 raw. Defense is good enough that it’ll play back there.

Cody Asche – Same old same old here. He has nice bat to ball skills but the power is still a 4 for me while the defense is just passable at third. He’s a second division regular if you really want him to be but I’d rather see him start to move around, see what he can do at 2B, 1B and the outfield corners and make yourself a plus-hitting bench piece. I’ve said that before, but I think the time to try that is approaching now.

Leandro Castro – There’s just too much swing and miss there for him to be an everyday big leaguer in any sense. He flies way open during the swing and hacks so violently that he loses sight of the ball. It just won’t work.

Steve Susdorf – Hits.

Tyson Gillies – The new swing is much better. He’s still getting used to it, but it’s no longer the Kansas-flat cut it was before. He’s still misplaying balls in CF here and there but he’s making some insane plays, too. I’m starting from scratch with Gillies. Again.



Austin Wright – I wanted to write an entire scouting report on Wright but he’s just not good enough for me to do it at this point. He has a really interesting body for a pitcher. He’s a huge, huge man. The stuff is a tad underwhelming for me. The fastball has plus velocity, 90-92mph, but he’s not throwing as hard as he did last year which is at least notable, if not a concern. The fastball has always been lifeless and straight when I’ve seen him. His curveball is fringe average and the changeup is just below average for me. He’s often struggling with command and control. He’s had some nice games (including the one he pitched up in New Britain a few weeks ago against Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario, etc) but has generally been bad.

Cesar Hernandez – I purposely haven’t gone near Reading while he’s learning CF. I don’t want to see him there yet, it’s too early to make judgements. It takes time to learn a new position, especially one as hard as CF. Some guys who have the physical skillset to play there (like I think Cesar does) just don’t have the instincts for it. Carl Crawford was one of the best defensive left fielders in the game, had speed for days and just enough to play there, but couldn’t read the ball off the bat from straight away center. He just couldn’t. If they bring him up to Triple-A after the All Star Break, I’ll see him this weekend, probably Saturday.



Severino Gonzalez – Reports coming out of Lakewood on Sevy are that he’s just sorta ok. The fastball is 88-91mph and the curveball is nice but there’s little else going on right now and no changeup to speak of. He’s in Low-A, so there’s time to develop that stuff, but don’t look at the numbers and expect him to fly through the system.