Phillies Draft Retrospective: Chase Utley

Gib Bodet is one of the best scouts in the business. Currently the Dodgers National Crosschecking and Amateur Scouting Special Advisor, Gib Bodet has been scouting baseball for over forty years. He’s been working for the Dodgers for more than thirty of those and has been crosschecking for more than twenty. He’s been involved in signing Mike Piazza, Eric Karros and Todd Hollandsworth, all of whom won Rookie of the Year awards. Gib Bodet knows when he sees a good baseball player. And he knew it when he saw Chase Utley.

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The Tuesday 10: Domonation Station

The 10 is back and cozy in its usual home. Moving into a new apartment, as it turns out, can be a preposterous hassle! I’ll spare you the details, but most of it involves me being holed up in said apartment, growing a Justin Vernon beard and breaking up wood planks for fires and warmth. It was a dark time.

Now, however, I am reconnected to the outside world – and in possession of a razor – and resuming my duties as attendant to the 10. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that I’d want to talk about Domonic Brown, and unless you’re Sports on Earth’s Jon Bernhardt, you probably enjoy reading as much as you can about the month that was for the ascendant Brown.

Now, I know nothing about Game of Thrones. I’ve neither read a word of the books nor subscribed to HBO, so I’m left in the dark. Which is fine, considering it was still plenty funny to see people from all reaches and corners of my Twitter feed reacting to some crazy event/thing that happened on the show. As I was writing this, Brown homered in Monday’s game. It’s just what he does.

Anyway, enough of this mularkey. Let’s get to some dingerfacts.

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All in Phillies Organization Need to Get on Same Wavelength

The Phillies, once a paragon of an entire organization pulling the proverbial rope in the same direction, are now becoming somewhat dysfunctional based on recent reports out of the media. Veterans Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins and Cole Hamels have all publicly stated that the Phillies played too many games with Domonic Brown in recent years. Additionally, Phillippe Aumont said that he is being told to do two different things by coaches at the Major League level and at the Minor League level.

Let’s start with the Brown issue.

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Phillies Draft Retrospective: Gavin Floyd

The draft is less than a week away and my press credential application to attend the event has been denied by Major League Baseball. In effort to channel my grief and anger into something useful, I have been sat at my desk all day Friday, racking my brain for some good ideas for content leading up to next week’s selections. I’m not going to write up scouting reports on all the potential prospects the Phillies might select. You can find that information in literally dozens of places online, in print, and on TV the night of the draft. Instead you’re getting a look back at some of the Phillies more prominent draft picks from the past 20 years or so. Thanks to the fantastic information archived at the Baseball Hall of Fame’s new scouting exhibit and the prospect resources we have at our fingertips, we can start to look back at some developmental achievements and failures of well regarded young players at various checkpoints in their careers. I hope to bring several of these to you over the next week. In order to do that, these pieces will be more research intensive than writing oriented. We start with Gavin Floyd.

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.gif: Domonic Brown’s 12 May Home Runs

Domonic Brown finished the month of May with 12 home runs, the most by a Phillie in a month since Ryan Howard in May and August 2006. He also became the first player in baseball history to hit at least 10 home runs without drawing a single walk in a calendar month. Brown has homered in four out of his last five games, including multi-homer games in two out of his last three.

Here is an enjoyable .gif with all 12 of his May homers, followed by a heat map of the pitch locations.

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