So Much for “Clubhouse Atmosphere”

For years, we have heard the importance of a good clubhouse atmosphere, particularly from proponents of old-school baseball (and usually opponents of Sabermetrics). Despite years of mediocre offense made to look gaudy by a .300-plus batting average, Michael Young earned high marks from many across the sport for providing leadership in the clubhouse. Ostensibly, Young’s “intangibles” were part of why the Phillies acquired him from the Texas Rangers.

The reasoning behind the Young acquisition, now, looks very questionable as the Phillies have since brought in Delmon Young and Carlos Zambrano. Young was arrested last year on a hate crime harassment charge, and had previously thrown a bat at a Minor League umpire in a fit of rage. Zambrano is famous for having fought with teammates (namely Michael Barrett), beating up a Gatorade cooler with a bat, and flipping out at umpires regularly.

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