The Tradeability Index, Volume 1

Those of you expecting to see your regularly scheduled Tuesday 10 today, we’ll return you to your weekly broadcast next week. Instead, I’ve got something a little different for this week.

This weekend, I put it to Twitter to help me out with an interactive project: rank 20 members of the Phillies’ current 40-man roster on how “tradeable” they are. That’s a subjective term, but the basic object was to find out what everyone believes is the best current trade asset the Phils possess on their 40-man. A player received 20 points for a first-place vote, 19 for second and so on down the line to 1 point for 20th place. This is the first of three or four such posts from now until just before the deadline, so the cast of characters and typical point totals may vary between now and then.

The results were intriguing. Here are the top 15, as voted on by readers and Crashburn staff alike. Unattributed quotes in the “What They’re Saying” sections are mine.

40-Man players who received zero votes: Mauricio Robles, B.J. Rosenberg, Joe Savery (39 players on roster)

15. Phillippe Aumont (123 points)

Why He’s Got Value: He’s 24 and flashes positively electric stuff; from a mid-90s fastball to an absolutely wicked slider.

Why He’s Expendable: Aumont has shown considerable control problems (19 BB in 25.2 career Major League IP), pus the tenet that middle relievers can be plucked from the ether.

What They’re Saying: “This might be optimism on my part, but I think a 24-year-old with Aumont’s arm isn’t totally worthless.” – @SoMuchForPathos

14. Jonathan Pettibone (130 points)

Why He’s Got Value: He’s just 22, has shown good command of average stuff, cost-controlled forever.

Why He’s Expendable: He doesn’t possess an exceptional starter profile, has been inefficient in pitch usage to get outs, is only a modest upgrade over Tyler Cloyd.

What They’re Saying: ” He’s shown he can pitch at the Major League level in his brief stint up. A cheap, young, back-of-the-rotation guy.” – @FelskeFiles

13. Ben Revere (163 points)

Why He’s Got Value: A plus defensive center fielder who just turned 25 and only hits arbitration for the first time next season.

Why He’s Expendable: Offensive ability leaves many things to be desired.

What They’re Saying: “I know he’s hitting like Ricky Otero, and his recent May hot streak can be largely attributed to a jump in BABIP (.435 in May), he’s also cheap, under team control through 2018, and can play a heck of a defensive center field.” – @FelskeFiles

t-11. Mike Adams (171 points)

Why He’s Got Value: When healthy, one of the best middle relief/set-up guys in the game. Funky, deceptive delivery, quality stuff even with a velocity drop

Why He’s Expendable: Health issues have some concerned about his durability. Trading him could free up $7M from the 2014 books.

What They’re Saying: “Gopher balls have been a concern, but he’s still been effective.” – Ben Skalina

t-11. Freddy Galvis (171 points)

Why He’s Got Value: Plus defensive player at seemingly any position you can dream of. Has shown flashes of decent power for a player his size.

Why He’s Expendable: Overall contact ability moderates his power. Banned drug suspension and back injury could be red flags.

What They’re Saying: Lack of consistent contact ability is the only thing keeping this guy from being a legitimately valuable piece.

10. Michael Young (200 points)

Why He’s Got Value: Contact ability seems to have persevered into his late 30s, can presumably play most infield positions.

Why He’s Expendable: In the last year of his contract after being acquired in a trade. Could free a spot for Galvis to play every day. He’s not coming back, anyway.

What They’re Saying: “If he keeps hitting, some AL team will want him.” – @Philadelphiandy

9. Antonio Bastardo (214 points)

Why He’s Got Value: A power lefty arm with average fastball velocity and an excellent slider. Two more years of arbitration control after this season.

Why He’s Expendable: He has shown inconsistency with his command and has drastically reduced strikeout numbers in 2013 in a shorter sample.

What They’re Saying: The drop in Ks is a bit concerning, but if Papelbon is moved, this is the guy I’d like to see get some more 9th-inning appearances.

8. Jonathan Papelbon (240 points)

Why He’s Got Value: An excellent reliever who has maintained 93 on his fastball, paired with a great splitter (when used). A lot of teams still value the idea of a “closer.” By “a lot” I mean “just about all.”

Why He’s Expendable: He’s making a whole bunch of money for only pitching 50 or so innings ($13M each of the next two years) and the Phillies still have a bunch of young arms champing at the bit to try their hand at closing.

What They’re Saying: “Despite being overpaid, Paps is still a fantastic reliever and a contender will definitely be interested in him come July.” – @shame_c

7. Kyle Kendrick (270 points)

Why He’s Got Value: Astonishingly, he’s built up some considerable value since the latter part of 2012. It isn’t inconceivable that Kyle Kendrick could be a coveted trade piece, especially with another year of control pending.

Why He’s Expendable: I mean, he is still Kyle Kendrick. Right?

What They’re Saying: I almost feel like this is the greatest gift Kendrick could give this fanbase: inflate the trade value to the point where he could be moved for more than cash or an organizational body. Might as well strike while the iron’s hot.

6. Carlos Ruiz (281 points)

Why He’s Got Value: Trails only Yadier Molina in overall catching package. Super affordable (making $5M in ’13, so his prorated amount will likely only be ~$1M).

Why He’s Expendable: In the last year of his contract and, at age 34 with eyes on Sebastian Valle and Tommy Joseph, not a great fit for a team that could be transitioning.

What They’re Saying: Ruiz will be the most fascinating name bandied about come July. He won’t command a huge haul, but his talent and recent production suggest he should get a decent return, even in spite of an ADDerall bust.

5. Jimmy Rollins (288 points)

Why He’s Got Value: Still a solid-to-plus defender at the most premium position. Switch-hitter with appreciable shortstop power. Still enough speed to be a distraction, at the least.

Why He’s Expendable: Makes $11M in ’14. Galvis certainly has the glove to play SS every day.

What They’re Saying: “He may be old, but 2 years of very reasonable salary at one of the shallowest positions makes him valuable to any potential contender.” – @tylersnotes

4. Domonic Brown (296 points)

Why He’s Got Value: Left-handed bat with flashes of impressive power. Improved defensively as a left fielder. Plus arm.

Why He’s Expendable: At this point, he may not be more than a just-average corner OF. But some other team may see a change-of-scenery candidate.

What They’re Saying: Brown likely still hasn’t built his value back up to anything substantial to a team other than the Phillies. He’s still finding out if he can really play every day, and right now the results are maybe just a tick above average.

3. Cole Hamels (324 points)

Why He’s Got Value: One of the game’s premier left-handed starters. Excellent stuff, still shy of 30 years old. Many years of control.

Why He’s Expendable: Could command an impressive prospect haul in case of a total rebuild.

What They’re Saying: “If I am the Phillies, I don’t move him, but I still think he is a top asset on this team. I would have him higher if he wasn’t carrying a large contract.” – @Living4laughs

2. Cliff Lee (359 points)

Why He’s Got Value: Also a premier lefty. Two years of control left, plus an option. At his best, the most impeccable command in the game.

Why He’s Expendable: Freeing up some of his future commitment would obviously be beneficial, as would the high prospect price tag, were it met.

What They’re Saying: “I think the most interesting debate is whether or not to trade Cliff. If we cover a bit of salary, or even if we don’t, we can expect a pretty sizable prospect package in a trade for him. But Cliff also shows no signs of slowing down. Can Cliff still be a superstar the next time the Phillies are ready to contend in 2015/16? I think it’s a real possibility, if not a likelihood.” – @VojirEsposito

1. Chase Utley (366 points)

Why He’s Got Value: He looks healthy, and healthy Utley is a top three second baseman even now. Will be appetizing even as a rental.

Why He’s Expendable: He is a rental, after all, and it’s possible the Phillies may need to move in a different direction. If this is their last chance to get value back and an extension doesn’t make sense, his moving may be a (regretfully) smart idea.

What They’re Saying: “The one issue tempering Utley’s market is that most of the contending AL teams already have good second basmen. St. Louis looks like a logical fit for his services from my desk.” – Crashburn’s own @longenhagen

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  1. Phillie697

    May 14, 2013 11:24 AM

    Omar Infante is a good 2B? Ryan… Flaherty? Chris Getz? Eric Sogard? Granted Flaherty and Sogard had impeccable minor league records, but they aren’t exactly producing at the MLB level so far, and come July, their GMs might say to themselves, “It’s Chase freaking Utley!”

    That said, again, I maintain my monkfish devotion to the idea that Chase Utley shall not be traded.

  2. Cutter

    May 14, 2013 11:29 AM

    I’d switch #1 and #2. Teams are always looking for pitching, and they may not trust Utley to stay healthy.

  3. Eric Longenhagen

    May 14, 2013 11:40 AM

    Should be noted that I left Antonio Bastardo off my list due to makeup issues that I’d want nothing to do with if I were being offered him in a trade. Doesn’t look like he was close enough to Papelbon and Kendrick to make a difference.

  4. ohshay

    May 14, 2013 11:50 AM

    If they sell (if they do, fire ruben)I would try to eat money for both cliff and paps. cliff, paps and utley(tear)would be a good start. I would avoid moving hamels unless a top package was offered and would probably wait till the off season.

  5. Phillie697

    May 14, 2013 11:58 AM


    I can’t make predictions about RAJ. RAJ doesn’t operate on logic, hence cannot be predicted, other than that he likes old men, a lot. The Monkfish Cult merely maintains that if RAJ does trade Utley, we shall mail to him the biggest, smelliest monkfish we can find, attach to it a note saying, “smack yourself in the face with this monkfish for trading Utley. Oh btw, might as well smack yourself a few more times for Howard, Papelbon, Pence, Douchbag/Demon Young, Adams, Dom Brown… Maybe you should just carry the fish with you at all times.”

  6. TomG

    May 14, 2013 12:06 PM

    Don’t you people realize that every time someone mentions trading Utley, a unicorn dies?

    No, wait – so what? I have to assume that no one here gives a salty dick about unicorns.

    What I meant to say is, every time you speak of trading Utley, Chipper Jones gets another Hooters waitress pregnant. Which means more Jones progeny, or Chippers off the old block, if you will. Do you want that on your conscience?

  7. nik

    May 14, 2013 12:16 PM

    I would not move Kendrick. He is not going to garner the type of return that a pitcher of his ilk would normally get. I sign him to a 4 year extension and solidify the middle of the order for the foreseeable future.

  8. Phillie697

    May 14, 2013 12:17 PM

    “I mean, he is still Kyle Kendrick. Right?” -Paul Boye.

  9. BobSmithh77

    May 14, 2013 12:24 PM

    Brown has more trade value than KK right now? Yeah right.

  10. MattWinks

    May 14, 2013 12:46 PM

    I am surprised by some things:

    – Kyle Kendrick is way too low, the extra year of control is huge
    – He only came in at 13 on my own list but Ethan Martin was the big piece of a trade for Shane Victorino a year ago and his value hasn’t tanked that much
    – I dinged Michael Young for his no trade clause a lot more than other people. You have zero negotiating value
    – I love Brown but if someone offered you him for Rollins you wouldn’t do it

  11. Phillie697

    May 14, 2013 12:57 PM

    Someone offers me Dom Brown, with all of his history as is, assuming we don’t already have our own Dom Brown, for Rollins, on this team? Hell yeah I would do it, are you kidding me? Let see, 34 vs. 25… Tough call.

  12. Ryan

    May 14, 2013 01:16 PM

    I want to hear more about Tony NoDad’s makeup issues. I’ve not previously heard of any problems in that regard.

  13. Ryan

    May 14, 2013 01:21 PM

    Kendrick needs to be moved up. It’s not an illusion–he’s a good, young, cost controlled, middle of the rotation starter.

    I also think that we’re underselling Revere since he had a bad start in a small sample size and appears to be heating up. He’s also young and cost controlled.

    I’m not sure that Utley would fetch the highest return given age and injury history despite quite a turnaround this season.

  14. TomG

    May 14, 2013 02:02 PM

    It’s too much rouge, isn’t it? Bastardo’s makeup issues, I mean. Sometimes when he’s out there on the mound, I can’t help thinking, “What are you – a pitcher, or a whoo-wer?” (Because it’s tough, but not impossible, to be both.)

  15. EricL

    May 14, 2013 02:35 PM

    Are these Top Secret makeup issues anything other teams would know about? If they’re only known to certain people in the Phils organization they shouldn’t affect his trade value.

  16. Phillie697

    May 14, 2013 03:07 PM

    He’s Tony No-Dad. You try growing up without a father. You’d have makeup issues too.

    So what y’all think? Not funny?

  17. JM

    May 14, 2013 03:21 PM

    what if….BIIIIIG what if, Prince goes down in Detroit? Could the Tigers pull the trigger on Howard for this yr, and a V-Mart replacement going forward? They do love power up there….( I readily acknowledge Howard is nowhere near the hitter that Prince is, merely pointing out he would be more attractive as DH power)

  18. Eric Longenhagen

    May 14, 2013 03:21 PM

    I don’t know if other teams know about it or if they’d care. I know about it and I do. It’s my list and I want nothing to do with him. It’s not Josh Lueke level bad or anything like that, it just involves someone I know and I don’t want the story told without their consent. And I’m not going to ask for their consent. It may or may not involve John Cusack and a bag of manure. I did want to make sure people knew that my decision to exclude him altered his index score, though.

  19. JM

    May 14, 2013 03:26 PM

    For that matter…Seattle has $$ and a power outtage….Michael Morse for Howard?

  20. Phillie697

    May 14, 2013 03:41 PM


    Ryan Howard’s 2013 ISO: .199

    Michael Morse’s 2013 ISO: .238.

    So to answer your question, no.

    No one is going to trade for a .305 wOBA 1B making $20M and still have $85M left on his contract after this year.

  21. John

    May 15, 2013 07:10 AM


    You might get someone to trade for Howard and his .305 wOBA, as long as they don’t know what wOBA means.

    Oh right. Only Ruben doesn’t know what that is. Stupid nerds and your stupid nerd numbers.

  22. hk

    May 15, 2013 09:26 AM

    edit: I meant to say on a related subject.

  23. Andrew Cleveland Alexander

    May 21, 2013 02:36 PM

    I have a secret reason for disliking one of Kyle Kendrick, but I’m not going to tell you what it is. Rest assured, though, that I know a secret, and that secret is so terrible that I don’t dare repeat it.

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