The Future is Unwritten: Jesse Biddle Scouting Report

One piece of advice I always lend to those who seek to begin a serious scouting hobby is as follows:

“Watch baseball at all levels. High School, college, low minors, upper minors….everything. And above all, make sure you don’t stop watching MLB games.”

The last slice of that counsel is the most important. Too often will inexperienced scouting enthusiasts fully immerse themselves in prospects and lose sight of what a Major League player looks like. There’s a reason that you’re constantly looking at the box when you put together that jigsaw puzzle. You need to know what the finished product is supposed to look like while you work. Watching prospects is no different. Last Thursday, Jesse Biddle looked like a big leaguer. Drink it in.

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The Tradeability Index, Volume 1

Those of you expecting to see your regularly scheduled Tuesday 10 today, we’ll return you to your weekly broadcast next week. Instead, I’ve got something a little different for this week.

This weekend, I put it to Twitter to help me out with an interactive project: rank 20 members of the Phillies’ current 40-man roster on how “tradeable” they are. That’s a subjective term, but the basic object was to find out what everyone believes is the best current trade asset the Phils possess on their 40-man. A player received 20 points for a first-place vote, 19 for second and so on down the line to 1 point for 20th place. This is the first of three or four such posts from now until just before the deadline, so the cast of characters and typical point totals may vary between now and then.

The results were intriguing. Here are the top 15, as voted on by readers and Crashburn staff alike. Unattributed quotes in the “What They’re Saying” sections are mine.

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