Michael Young’s Historic GIDP Pace

Michael Young grounded into two more double plays last night against the Marlins, bringing his Major League-leading total to nine. He finished second in baseball with 26 of them last year, finishing two shy of Miguel Cabrera‘s 28. That Young is grounding into so many double plays is not surprising. What is surprising is his pace.

The Phillies third baseman has logged 23  plate appearances in which a runner is on first base with less than two outs, meaning that Young is grounding into a double play once for every 2.5 opportunities. Additionally, he has logged 114 PA, giving him a pace of 12.7 PA per double play.

A player has crossed the 30+ GIDP plateau just 16 times in baseball history. None of them have had such a high rate of GIDP on a PA basis and few have even come close as you can see in this table:

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