The Thing People Don’t Understand

Delmon Young made his Phillies debut today. Or maybe yesterday. I can’t be sure.

And he homered in his first at-bat. Bully for him, even though the Phillies were ground into a fine powder and dissolved in the collective tea of the Cleveland Indians. But that’s really neither here nor there.

Because in advance of Tuesday’s game, Phillies assistant GM Scott Proefrock had this, among other things, to say about Young.

The thing people don’t understand about Delmon, in my opinion, he’s a baseball player.

I realize that Proefrock was in the middle of making a point that, in the larger context, makes sense. Click that link and read through Matt Gelb’s piece and you’ll find a paragraph that, while not particularly eloquently cast, does seem reasonable. And let’s face it, coming up with the perfect incisive turn of phrase isn’t Proefrock’s job, and he’d probably be a lot better at my job than I would be at his, so I’ll cut him some slack.

Or at least, I would if there wasn’t so much potential in that sentence. What did Proefrock really mean?

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The Tuesday 10: Go Left, Young Man

The Phillies swept the Mets! That’s really cool! Even in a season that’s been tinged with a bit of malaise out of the gate, taking a series like that in New York is pleasing, without fail. Some players – Halladay, Hamels, Brown – are showing some signs of turnaround, albeit conditional turnarounds. Chase Utley is still slugging over .500. Carlos Ruiz is back! Maybe things are looking up!

Or maybe I’m just getting ahead of myself. Whatever, this was a good week if you pretend that Pittsburgh series never happened.

To the 10!

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