An Oral History of The Phillies’ Statistical Analysis Department

In what appears to be the twilight of an enormously fruitful competitive run for the Phillies, much has been made of the internal machinations that factor into their valuation of players. Through extensive interviews1 with a wide array of inside sources, I’ve assembled what I consider to be the most comprehensive story of the Statistical Analysis Division of the Phillies’ Baseball Operations department compiled to date. Be advised before reading: I’ve elected not to censor their language in any way.

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Dreading Delmon Young

Delmon Young officially started his rehab assignment yesterday. Matt Gelb reports the future Phillies right fielder had an interesting day patrolling the outfield, botching the first ball hit to him:

The first batter hit a fly ball at Young and it landed for a triple. Young should have limited the hitter to a single had he taken a better route, said two people who attended the game in Lakeland, Fla. Later, in the seventh inning, Young committed a fielding error that allowed a runner to take an extra base.

He batted cleanup in single-A Clearwater’s lineup and went 1 for 4 with a sacrifice fly and single. While the Phillies are evaluating Young’s bat, they are primarily concerned with his defense.

“Delmon isn’t going to come here unless he can play right field,” general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said April 12. “If he can’t play right field, he ain’t coming.”

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