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Kyle Kendrick’s Fear of a Rainout

With storms descending on southern Ohio, today’s Phillies-Reds game was delayed by rain for nearly an hour and a half, then played to a confusing, numbing standstill as Antonio Bastardo and Aroldis Chapman traded dueling perfect relief in innings (not surprising) to preserve dueling two-hit shutouts by Kyle Kendrick and Homer Bailey (definitely surprising).

Then, with the bottom of the ninth inning set to start and the score tied 0-0, the heavens opened up. This prompted Chris Wheeler to climb down to the field and start building an ark as the umpires called for a rain delay.

It was at this moment that Bailey called Kendrick out to the middle of the field. They sat together on the tarp, and Kendrick, afraid to lose what would almost certainly be his best start of the year, began to talk.

Here’s what he said:

Kyle Kendrick: “I’ve thrown things you people wouldn’t believe. Fastballs on fire through the swing of Joey Votto. I watched cutters and splitters in the dark on the corner of the plate. All those shutouts will be lost in time… like tears in rain… Time to die.”