Let’s Talk about Jeremy Horst

Jeremy Horst is the early leader for “most hated pitcher in the Phillies bullpen”, a shade ahead of Chad Durbin. With a poor outing tonight in Cincinnati, Horst has contributed to blowing two leads in the five games in which he has appeared thus far.

Horst posted a 1.15 ERA with a 3.24 xFIP and 3.34 SIERA last year, along with one of baseball’s better strikeout rates among relievers with at least 30 innings of work. He was inevitably going to regress from the utter dominance he displayed last year, but a reliever who can post an ERA in the high-twos or low-threes is extremely valuable and worth holding onto.

Based on the sentiment I’ve heard and read thus far surrounding Horst, I’m disappointed so many are giving up on the guy before he’s even logged double-digits in innings pitched this season. His outing tonight was complete bad luck as you can see in the .gifs of the hits he allowed:

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