Crash Bag, Vol. 49: Fielding Like a Baby Zebra

You know it’s early in the season when half the Crash Bag is about Michael Young hitting like an aggressive blackjack player.

@Chrisbcox: “How is Michael Young’s gritty character and leadership attributes paying off so far for the Phillies?”

Well, I can’t speak to his gritty character and so on, but he’s hitting .375/.459/.594 through nine games, so that’s going pretty well.

It’s really too early to even start giving small sample size caveats, but if you think I haven’t been enjoying the heck out of this little Michael Young renaissance, you’re dead wrong.

@Phisportsfan11: “Updated season predictions for Michael Young?”

150 games, .400/.500/.600 triple slash line. I’m all in on Michael Young. He plays the game the right way and all that.

No, but seriously, he was always going to hit some, particularly against lefties. For all the overhyped leadership nonsense, he’s still hits for a relatively high average (if not much power or patience). And having any kind of offense at all from third base stands out on the Phillies, who haven’t had a decent-hitting third baseman since they traded Scott Rolen. After getting Stockholm Syndromed within an inch of our collective life by Placido Polanco, David Bell, Abraham Nunez and Pedro Feliz, it is nice to have a third baseman who once knew what the heck he’s doing with a bat.

But, as is so often the case, there’s another shoe yet to drop.

@Doc_Ruiz2012: “Is ‘Past a diving Young’ going to be the catchphrase of 2013?’

Yes, that shoe. Continue reading…