Last Chance to win $50k Playing Fantasy Baseball

It’s week two of our partnership with daily fantasy leader, and they’re offering yet another chance at a $50,000 prize for fantasy baseball players.

To quickly recap, offers only DAILY contests. The goal is to draft the best team that you can from all available players on the given day, but be careful—you must come under the DraftKings salary cap.

DraftKings is offering a special promotion to Crashburn Alley readers, where for just $1 you can win a ticket ($200 value) into their $150,000 contest, where the first place prize winner will take home a cool $50,000. For those scoring at home that’s turning $1 into $50,000. DraftKings wants to help you forget about Roy Halladay’s struggles!

The disadvantages of season-long fantasy don’t apply here. No need to check your team for 162 consecutive games or lament every injury to a star player. Was your draft an abject failure a few weeks ago? Don’t worry, you can draft a new team every day in DraftKings. And again, this is a special promotion that won’t be offered again.

Check out the contest now!