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How Much Leash Does Roy Halladay Get?

Roy Halladay had his second straight awful start, allowing seven runs in four innings against the New York Mets last night. His ERA rose to 14.73 which means he will have to find his groove quickly if he wants to best his awful spring performance reflected by his 6.06 ERA in 16.1 innings. Halladay is clearly not the same guy the Phillies acquired back in December 2009, but many — including yours truly — still hold out hope that the right-hander will be able to prolong his career with smart pitch selection and control. Just how long should the Phillies wait for the new, age-adjusted Halladay to emerge, though?

Halladay’s schedule, projected through the end of May, looks like this:

Nine more starts would put him at 11 total, or roughly one-third of a season. It’s not worthwhile to project offense given seven games’ worth of data, but generally speaking, it is a pitcher-friendly schedule. Halladay lucks out by getting the Marlins three times.

I have no finite way of arriving at an answer, though I did theorize such a possibility last month when I looked at contingency plans. Halladay himself calls his issues mental as opposed to physical. Do you take him at his word? How long of a leash do you give the veteran, who turns 36 on May 14?