Crash Bag, Vol. 48: This Cosmic Tilt-a-Whirl

They say you shouldn’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, but I did it anyway on Tuesday. The result: I bought a bunch of things I wouldn’t ordinarily buy, including a jar of pickles. And to save about 80 cents, I went with the store-brand kosher dills over something more…well, let me just say it was a mistake.

It must sound strange to complain that food that is, by definition, soaked in brine is too salty, but these pickles are terrible–each bite is like a cross between being pulled the surface of the ocean and running for 200 yards on the Dallas Cowboys. But I’m going to finish that jar of pickles, because I paid $2.38 for that jar of awful generic pickles and by God I’m not going to let them go to waste. I’m not sure what this says about me, but it’s true.

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