2013 Predictions with the Crashburn Staff

With the regular season just hours away from starting, it’s time for the Crashburn Alley staff to reveal their 2013 season predictions. We will pick over/unders, division standings, and end-of-season awards. Feel free to let us know where you think we’ll be dead wrong and where you think we got it right using the comments below.

Team Wins Bill Eric Michael Paul Ryan
Detroit Tigers 90.0 Under  Over Under Over Over
Los Angeles Dodgers 90.0 Under  Under Over Over Over
Washington Nationals 90.0 Over  Over Over Over Over
Los Angeles Angels 89.5 Under  Over Under Under Over
Cincinnati Reds 88.5 Over  Over Over Over Over
Texas Rangers 87.0 Under  Under Over Under Under
Toronto Blue Jays 86.5 Over  Over Over Over Under
New York Yankees 86.5 Under  Under Over Under Under
San Francisco Giants 86.0 Over  Under Under Over Under
Atlanta Braves 86.0 Over  Under Over Over Over
Tampa Bay Rays 86.0 Over  Over Over Over Over
St. Louis Cardinals 85.5 Under  Over Over Over Under
Oakland Athletics 83.0 Under  Under Under Over Under
Philadelphia Phillies 81.5 Under  Over Under Over Over
Arizona Diamondbacks 81.5 Under  Under Under Under Under
Chicago White Sox 80.5 Over  Under Under Over Over
Milwaukee Brewers 79.5 Over  Under Under Over Over
Boston Red Sox 79.5 Over  Over Under Under Over
Kansas City Royals 79.0 Under  Over Under Under Under
Pittsburgh Pirates 79.0 Under  Over Over Under Under
Cleveland Indians 77.5 Over  Over Over Under Over
Baltimore Orioles 76.5 Under  Under Under Over Over
Seattle Mariners 76.5 Under  Under Under Under Under
San Diego Padres 74.5 Over  Over Under Under Over
New York Mets 74.0 Over  Under Under Over Over
Chicago Cubs 72.0 Over  Over Over Under Over
Colorado Rockies 71.5 Under  Under Under Under Under
Minnesota Twins 64.5 Over  Over Under Over Over
Miami Marlins 64.5 Over  Over Over Under Over
Houston Astros 59.5 Over Over Under Under Over

The standings, starting in the American League:

AL East Bill Eric Michael Paul Ryan
1  Blue Jays  Rays Yankees Blue Jays Rays
2 Yankees Blue Jays  Blue Jays Rays Blue Jays
3  Rays Yankees Rays Yankees Yankees
4  Red Sox  Red Sox Red Sox Orioles Red Sox
5  Orioles  Orioles Orioles Red Sox Orioles
AL Central Bill Eric Michael Paul Ryan
1  Tigers  Tigers Indians Tigers Tigers
2 White Sox  Indians Tigers Indians White Sox
3 Indians  Royals Royals White Sox Indians
4 Royals  White Sox White Sox Royals Royals
5 Twins  Twins Twins Twins Twins
AL West Bill Eric Michael Paul Ryan
1  Angels  Angels  Rangers Angels Angels
2 Rangers  Rangers  Angels Athletics Rangers
3 Athletics  Athletics Athletics Rangers Athletics
4 Mariners  Mariners  Mariners Mariners Mariners
5 Astros  Astros  Astros Astros Astros

And the National League:

NL East Bill Eric Michael Paul Ryan
1  Nationals Nationals Nationals Nationals Nationals
2 Braves  Phillies Braves Braves Braves
3 Phillies  Braves Phillies Phillies Phillies
4  Mets  Mets  Marlins Mets Mets
5  Marlins  Marlins Mets Marlins Marlins
NL Central Bill Eric Michael Paul Ryan
1 Reds  Reds  Reds Cardinals Reds
2 Cardinals  Cardinals Cardinals Reds Cardinals
3 Brewers  Pirates Pirates Pirates Brewers
4 Cubs  Brewers  Brewers Brewers Cubs
5 Pirates  Cubs Cubs Cubs Pirates
NL West Bill Eric Michael Paul Ryan
1 Giants  Dodgers  Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers
2 Dodgers  Giants Giants Giants Giants
3 Padres  Padres D-Backs D-backs Padres
4 D-backs  D-backs Padres Padres D-backs
5 Rockies Rockies Rockies Rockies Rockies

The playoff picture:

Bill Baer

  • ALCS: Blue Jays vs. Tigers: Blue Jays advance in 6
  • NLCS: Nationals vs. Giants: Nationals advance in 7
  • World Series: Blue Jays vs. Nationals: Nationals win in 6

Eric Longenhagen

  • ALCS: Rays vs Angels: Rays advance in 6
  • NLCS: Phillies vs Reds: Reds advance in 7
  • World Series: Reds vs Rays: Reds win in 5

Michael Baumann

  • ALCS: Blue Jays vs. Rangers: Rangers advance in 6
  • NLCS: Nationals vs. Dodgers: Nationals advance in 7
  • World Series: Nationals vs. Rangers: Nationals win in 4

Paul Boye

  • ALCS: Rays vs Blue Jays: Blue Jays advance in 5
  • NLCS: Nationals vs Giants: Nationals advance in 6
  • World Series: Blue Jays vs Nationals: Nationals win in 6

Ryan Sommers

  • ALCS: Rays vs. Angels: Rays advance in 7
  • NLCS: Nationals vs. Dodgers: Nationals advance in 6
  • World Series: Rays vs. Nationals: Nationals win in 6

The end-of-season awards:

MVP Cy Young ROY
Bill  Trout  Heyward Verlander  Hamels Bundy  Gyorko
Eric  Beltre  McCutchen  Moore Strasburg Archer  Taveras
Michael Trout   Stanton Verlander Strasburg Bauer Yelich
Paul Cespedes Votto Darvish Latos Bundy Yelich
Ryan Trout Votto Sale Lee Profar Taveras

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