The Phillies Get Nerdier

Well, this is encouraging. From David Murphy:

But yesterday a new item appeared [on the bulletin board]. It is a photocopy of a graphic from a publication — it looks like Baseball America, although I’m not positive — that breaks down the major league batting averages on balls in play on swings in certain counts. The graphic illustrates what every hitting coach preaches: get the count in your favor, and you’ve got a better chance of getting a pitch that you can turn into a pitch. The moral: work the count. 

In Eric Longenhagen’s conversation with Keith Law, posted a few weeks ago, Law talked about the Phillies’ notorious aversion to statistical analysis:

I still can’t quite fathom their pride in their refusal to use any kind of analytics in their decision-making. When your competitors are operating 12-man analytics departments, why would you brag about how you don’t have one at all?

No, posting a BABIP chart (found here, by the way) does not yank the Phillies into the 21st century, but it is refreshing. Let’s hope their next move is to hire Matt Swartz.

Adam Morgan’s Path

Responding to my post yesterday about the Phillies’ contingency plan in case Roy Halladay is unfit or unable to contribute at any point during the 2013 season, many suggested left-hander Adam Morgan as a potential substitute. Morgan was drafted by the Phillies in the third round of the June 2011 draft and has impressed in his brief time in the system. Baseball America ranked him #5 in the Phillies’ top-ten, for example.

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