Phillies Better off With Young than Brown

The Phillies have their answer for right field, but it’s not who you think it is.

Sure, Domonic Brown is hitting well in Clearwater. But he’s proven he can’t handle the limelight.

Delmon Young, on the other hand? He’s going to be the answer.

Brown, who was once a great prospect, has had three years to crack the Phillies’ starting lineup. But he hasn’t. Whether it’s by not playing through injury or by jogging to first base, he’s proven that he doesn’t have what it takes to win.

But what about Young?

Young is a right-handed power threat. In 2010, he hit .298 with 21 home runs and 112 RBI. Domonic Brown has never approached those numbers.

Young is a winner. He’s been to the playoffs four years in a row.

Who would you rather have? I’ll take the reigning ALCS MVP.

And he’s just getting started. He’s only 27, which means he’s still a prospect. But he already hits lefties 80 points better than the Phillies’ best hitter, Ryan Howard. Maybe an MVP is in Young’s future, too.

Maybe if Brown played more like Young, he would have been able to stay in the lineup. Young plays best when it counts. I know he’s had anger issues, but don’t you want that grit and fierceness in a player?

I’ve been around baseball a long time, and I know Dom Brown doesn’t care enough.

It’s strange that more people don’t see how great Delmon Young is. Some people say he doesn’t have enough WAR. But if you actually watch the games and don’t rely on made-up stats, you’ll see how much better Young is.

The Phillies aren’t going to give Brown the starting right field job. And they shouldn’t.

That’s the problem with people like Brown–they expect to be given everything. But it doesn’t look like he’ll ever learn that real men have to work hard.

Young brings a veteran presence to the lineup. An edge, but with good attitude. There’s no hungrier player in baseball than Delmon Young.

And that’s the real difference between Domonic Brown and a winner. The Phillies will be better off with the winner.

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  1. Lefty

    March 02, 2013 09:56 AM

    Great stuff MB. You had me at hello.

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