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Art Charles Scouting Report

Sure, it’s a minor trade, but it can’t hurt to be fully aware of what’s going in with the new member of the roster, Art Charles. Hell, I wrote almost 500 words on Ender Inciarte as soon as the Phillies pulled the trigger on him in the Rule 5 draft, so why should I get lazy now?

I don’t want to use a ton of time discussing what the Phillies “lost” in exiling Michael Schwimer north of the border. The guy is a known commodity at this point; an up-and-down reliever who thinks he’s owed a full time roster spot and isn’t afraid to make a stink about it. He was more of a headache than he was worth.

The new guy is minor league first baseman, Art Charles, a massive, left handed 22 year old who only has 140 PAs above Rookie League ball (80% of his career Pas came in Rookie League work). Drafted out of a Bakersfield, CA JC in 2010’s 20th round (606 overall), Charles stands at 6’6” and is listed at 220lbs. He looks to be about 240lbs in a body that will limit him to first base.

The defensive limitations put a lot of pressure on the bat and it is unlikely Charles will do the necessary raking to overcome those limitations. He has above average raw power and a good idea of what is a strike and what is not, but struggles to make contact with the things that are thrown over the plate because his bat just doesn’t stay in the zone very long. There are things I don’t like about Charles’ feet in the box, which are different at five o’clock than they are at seven, and it negatively impacts his balance. Are these things that can be fixed? Sure, but it’s not as if the Phillies have worked a slew of developmental miracles recently and I doubt the sort of time coaches would need to devote to Charles to make those changes will be dedicated to someone in which the Phillies have very little invested.

Looks like he’s an org guy.