Finding the Next Pierre and Frandsen

* Note: In the comments, nik points out my data is incomplete, which was not known to me prior to publishing this. Check the discussion below and take the data and conclusions with a grain of salt. Sorry for the inconvenience.

At various times here on the blog, I’ve talked about how lucky the Phillies got with Juan Pierre and Kevin Frandsen last season. Both originally signed to Minor League deals, Pierre hit .307 in 439 plate appearances as the Phillies’ every day left fielder while Frandsen hit .338 in 210 PA in what was a breakout year for him, one that earned him an $850,000 payday for 2013. For Pierre, it was his second-most productive season in the last eight years, while Frandsen had by far the most success he’s had at the Major League level at the age of 30.

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