Longenhagen’s 2013 College Scouting Schedule

I wanted to piggyback on Michael’s post about college baseball with a post of my own, because College Baseball can be a great thing to throw yourself into. Not only can you find enjoyment by following the game on a national, team oreinted scale, you can also follow it on a very local, individualistic level. It’s the polar opposite of how it seems Michael digests the game, but it’s mostly the way I drink it in. Instead of caring about how a national powerhouse is performing, I’m constantly checking in on local players who are likely to be drafted.

What I have here is a schedule of all the notable college prospects that will travel within reasonable driving distance of my home in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania this Spring. I made this scouting schedule for myself and figured it was worth sharing for anyone looking to do some scouting of their own. Driving to Princeton for a double header and then spending the day walking around campus/town is one hell of a way to spend a Saturday in late March.  I’ve got some helpful tips for you, and the schedule itself, after the “click more, link, jump” thing. So click it.

Here are my tips for going to scout local college games. DO NOT SKIP READING THESE.

  • Be sure to check out the college’s athletics webpage a few days prior to attending these games and then again the day of the game. Game times change all the time due to weather or any number of external factors. You don’t want to drive for two hours and learn the game you planned on seeing is already half over because they moved the start time up to avoid a potential rain shower.
  • I don’t drive anywhere if I’ll spend more time on the road than I will at my destination. So if I’m driving to Philly for a game (about 3 total drive hours), I had better catch BP, or infield practice, or a double header, or spend some time in the city afterwards with that special someone to make it worth my time. Small schools often play double headers on weekends which make your drive a better investment.
  • If you’re trying to look at a pitcher, make sure you’re checking box scores to see what day of the week he’s pitching. The team’s best pitcher is likely to throw on Friday nights, but team’s with weird schedules and multiple pitching prospects (like Louisville) might have an anomalous rotation. Try to map things out.
  • If you see scouts at the game, it’s okay to go up and talk to them. Just try to do it between BP and the game or whenever the prospect everyone is there to see isn’t doing anything.


Name Pos School When Where
Alex Robinett14 RHP Army April 6,7/April 13,14 Lehigh/Lafayette
Chris Rowley RHP Army April 6,7/April 13,15 Lehigh/Lafayette
Dan Goldstein RHP Bucknell April 13,14 Lehigh
Jon Fitzsimmons RHP Canisius April 6,7 Rider
Tyler Barnette RHP Charlotte April 26,27,28 Temple
Thomas Roulis14 2B Dartmouth March 30, Penn
Chad Kuhl RHP Delaware Check Schedule All Home Games
Jimmy Yezzo 1B Delaware Check Schedule All Home Games
Matt Soren RHP Delaware Check Schedule All Home Games
Hassan Evans RHP/OF Delaware State April 10/April 17 Lehigh/LaSalle
Mike Ahmed 3B Holy Cross April 6,7 Lafayette
Stephen Cooke RHP Indiana U of PA March 26/April 23 Shipp/Bloom
Ty Macfarland 3B/OF James Madison May 16,17,18 Delaware
Cole McInturff OF James Madison May 16,17,18 Delaware
Kevin Herget RHP Kean University Check Schedule All Home Games
Justin Pacchioli14 OF Lehigh March 26/March 30,31 Temple/Lafayette*
Justin Topa RHP LIU – Brooklyn March 22/April 10 Lehigh/Villanova
John Ziznewski SS LIU – Brooklyn March 22/April 10 Lehigh/Villanova
Nick Burdi14 RHP Louisville May 3,4,5 Villanova
Chad Green RHP Louisville May 3,4,5 Villanova
Adam Engel OF Louisville May 3,4,5 Villanova
Dace Kime OF Louisville May 3,4,5 Villanova
Jeff Thompson RHP Louisville May 3,4,5 Villanova
Coco Johnson OF Louisville May 3,4,5 Villanova
Joe Filomeno14 LHP Louisville May 3,4,5 Villanova
Dan Rosenbaum 3B Louisville May 3,4,5 Villanova
Nick Camastro 2B Manhattan April 27,28/May 5 St.Pete/Lafayette
Zak Blair 3B Mercyhurst March 30, Indiana U of PA
Tim Mayza LHP Millersville March 29/April 26 Bloom/WChester*
Zak Hermans RHP Princeton April 13,14 Penn*
Alec Keller OF Princeton April 13,14 Penn*
Tyler Servias14 C Princeton April 13,14 Penn*
Derek Lamacchia RHP Quinnipiac May 16,17,18 Fairleigh Dickinson
Andrew Brockett RHP Richmond March 28,29,30 LaSalle
Jerry Mulderig RHP Rider Check Schedule All Home Games
Alex Haines LHP Seton Hill March 29,30 Pitt at Johnstown*
Justin Brantley RHP Siena April 13/May 11,12 FairDick/St.Pete
Lou Trevino RHP Slippery Rock March 9,10 Shippensburg
Patrick Peterson14 LHP Temple March 19/April 30 Lehigh/Villanova *
LJ Mazzilli 2B Uconn April 12,13,14 Villanova
Bill Cullen OF VCU April 26,27,28 LaSalle
Ian Miller OF Wagner March 15/16/17 LaSalle/SJU/Nova
John Farrell RHP William and Mary March 15,16,17 Delaware
David Hickey LHP Yale March 30, Princeton
* denotes all home games within driving distance  
14 denotes player is eligible for 2014 draft    

Obviously, I won’t make it to all these games, I’ll probably only get to see maybe fifteen of the 50 players listed above. I will, however, make it a point to publicize my road trips on Twitter. That way, should anyone want to come up and say hi or murder me with a rake because I’m only lukewarm on Cody Asche and hate the Phillies, you can feel free to do so.

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  1. Tim

    February 12, 2013 04:44 PM

    What are some good places to find lists of college prospects, for those of us who don’t live in Pennsylvania?

    I really want to get into college baseball this year and I appreciate both your post and Baumann’s.

  2. Eric Longenhagen

    February 12, 2013 05:05 PM

    Go to Baseball America and dig around their College Pages to find this year’s previews. Every conference has a preview and they have one for small schools as well. Players from each conference who are expected to be drafted are listed in each preview. I typically look at every conference even remotely close to me locale and check every school’s schedule to see if they’re coming close. Where do you live, Tim?

  3. dp03

    February 12, 2013 08:20 PM

    I’m a Rutgers alumnus and still in the area, looks like we play Louisville on the road this year. Any other Big East or RU players I should be looking for?

    Thanks for the info.

  4. Eric Longenhagen

    February 12, 2013 10:33 PM

    Rutgers plays a few of the guys listed above. Mazzilli, Miller, the Delaware guys. They’ll also see Monmouth freshman lefty, Anthony Ciavarella, who’s from Phillipsburg. They don’t have anyone on my radar on their roster.

  5. LTG

    February 12, 2013 10:42 PM

    Is LJ Mazzilli related to Lee Mazzilli?

  6. Tim

    February 13, 2013 12:01 AM

    I’m in Maryland so we should have some good ACC players coming through this year.

  7. lefty32

    February 13, 2013 12:07 AM

    Thanks for your college scouting list . I will also research Rowan, Stockton and GCC since I an from south jersey. Some of the ballbarks take you back. In very nice settings. And co-eds for old me to look at.

  8. LTG

    February 13, 2013 10:07 AM

    lefty32, while I’m sure you meant no harm by your last sentence, it just sounds creepy. After all, what does ogling women have to do with baseball, except that traditionally baseball has been one more men’s club? Wouldn’t you rather not perpetuate exclusionary norms based on the casual objectification of one sex?

  9. Phillie697

    February 13, 2013 03:14 PM


    Are you saying you don’t ogle at women? That you are just fine with picking out your “soulmate” based on a resume or instant messaging/texting? So rather, you’re saying you just won’t verbally admit to it instead? That’s what’s wrong with being PC. Being PC doesn’t solve the problem as you put it, “not perpetuate exclusionary norms based on the casual objectification of one sex.” It just hides it.

    He hasn’t said anything objectionable except being truthful. Save the complaints for the real injustices.

  10. LTG

    February 13, 2013 09:39 PM


    I’d have to write a rather long response to justify my intervention. I don’t have time for that now. So, I’ll try to write something quick and let you have at me.

    Both the injustice and the solution is relative to the activity engaged in. I don’t take an intervention on this site to have broad social impact. That would be crazy. I do take an intervention on this site to promote good norms for discourse on this site. The point is not to be PC, which is just decontextualized repetition of good norms in another context. The point, rather, is to seek discourse norms that do not exclude voices on illicit grounds. I could be wrong that lefty32’s last sentence tends to discourage participation. But from my own experience with gender dynamics in discursive practices I don’t think I am. Admittedly, this can be hard to know because silenced voices are, well, silent.

    Again, I want to emphasize that I take lefty32 not to intend any malice. But just because it is honest does not make it worth saying.

  11. dp03

    February 13, 2013 11:04 PM

    @Eric thanks for the info.

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