The Phillies, In A Nutshell

With the Miami Marlins signing Chone Figgins to a Minor League contract, I looked up the least valuable players over the last two years. As you would expect, Figgins is way up there.

Rk Player WAR PA From To Age
1 Greg Dobbs -2.6 781 2011 2012 32-33
2 Wilson Valdez -2.5 508 2011 2012 33-34
3 Chone Figgins -2.4 507 2011 2012 33-34
4 Ben Francisco -2.2 500 2011 2012 29-30
5 Adam Dunn -2.2 1145 2011 2012 31-32
6 Ty Wigginton -2.1 806 2011 2012 33-34
7 Ryan Raburn -2.1 640 2011 2012 30-31
8 Yuniesky Betancourt -2.0 812 2011 2012 29-30
9 Raul Ibanez -2.0 1000 2011 2012 39-40
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Generated 2/8/2013.

If your memory is sharp, you’ll notice that a whopping six of the nine players on the Least Valuable Players in the Last Two Years list have had some involvement with the Phillies in the not-too-distant past. If you’re an optimist, you can look at it as, “hey, at least most of those years didn’t actually come with the Phillies.”

Crash Bag, Vol. 40: Leon’s Getting Larger

We begin with a question not from the guy who runs the blog, but from the guy who runs the whole blog network. 

@dschoenfield: “What name would you give this winter storm? And would it include the word Young?”

Apparently the sky is falling back home. I have to say I am entirely unimpressed. Out here in Madison, it’s getting to the point where I’m starting to wonder if it will ever stop snowing. It rained yesterday morning, and I’ve never been so happy to see the rain. I’ve been extremely impressed with the way the public works folks here in Wisconsin clear the roads (that I’ve only driven sideways into four snowdrifts in the past 10 days is downright miraculous), but driving is still dicey on a slushy/icy/mushy mix that coats the side roads no matter how fast you get the plows out. Anyway, I’ll be very happy to see some of this snow melt and some of this slush run off.

I guess my point is: stop griping, New York. You’re like the snotty rich girl in eighth grade. We know the world revolves around you. Stop bringing the world to a halt every time you’re mildly inconvenienced. Some of us haven’t seen grass since December.

But to answer the original question, and in the spirit of same, using the word “Young,” I think calling this winter storm (because we’re naming every bit of inclement weather that hits Manhattan nowadays) “Michael Young‘s On-Field Value,” because it’s talked about in the media a lot, but in actuality isn’t significant enough to warrant anything more than passing discussion.

On a more serious note, having David Schoenfield write in brings up a bit of news regarding another ESPN baseball writer that I think deserves applause.

Christina Kahrl has joined the advisory board of the You Can Play Project, an organization dedicated to eliminating homophobia in sports and sporting culture. I won’t go into tremendous detail, but if you’re not familiar with You Can Play, it’s worth a couple minutes to click around the website. I learned about You Can Play when it was getting off the ground in the NHL and larger hockey community, and I really admire the work the YCP folks have done and the way they’ve gone about it. So I just wanted to take a moment out to thank Christina and say that it makes me very happy to see that she and YCP are working together.

Enough of that. Back to the regularly-scheduled vitriol and nonsense.

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