Delmon Young: The Links

The Phillies’ signing of Delmon Young this week was, by far, one of the most…well, it was something, and a lot of people (both on this site and elsewhere) felt compelled to write about it.

Here’s a collection of links to pieces from throughout the net-webs on everyone’s favorite new acquisition, typically listed chronologically, but in some cases not because existence is pointless.

Crashburn Alley

  1. Ryan Sommers: Phillies Sign . . . *sigh* to 1 year, *groan* thousand dollar contract
  2. Paul Boye: What Happened to My 100-Win Team?
  3. Paul Boye: Caring About Walks and Production
  4. Bill Baer: Failure in Philadelphia
  5. Michael Baumann: Crash Bag, Vol. 38: The Great Satan

The Good Phight

  1. Joe Catanzariti: Are You There RAJ? It’s Me, Joecatz: An Open Letter to Ruben Amaro Jr.
  2. Bill Parker: Delmon Young: A User’s Guide
  3. TheOrangeCone: The Biggest Loser: Phillies Edition
  4. dajafi: Defending the Delmon Young Deal
  5. RememberthePhitans: Love Triangle: Delmon Young, Ruben Amaro, and Domonic Brown
  6. Liz Roscher: Done With Ruben Amaro Jr: A Special Comment

That Ball’s Outta Here

  1. Ethan Seidel: Outfield Still Remains A Weakness After Delmon Young Signs 1-Year Deal
  2. John Stolnis: Ruben Amaro’s Disastrous Off-Season
  3. Justin Klugh: Delmon Young Saga Now Involves Dog Poop, Weight Loss

Phillies Nation

  1. Pat Gallen: Phillies Sign Young to One-Year Deal Worth $750K
  2. Ian Riccaboni: Big Money if Delmon Young Makes Weight
  3. Jay Floyd: Manuel Full of Gusto as Spring Training Nears

The 700 Level

  1. Andrew Kulp: Is Delmon Young the Answer in Right Field?
  2. Enrico Campitelli: Delmon Young’s Incentives Include Over Half a Million Bucks for Weighing Less

Aerys Sports

  1. Karilee Jeantet: Seriously Ruben?!?! Delmon Young?!?!

SB Nation

  1. Grant Brisbee: Delmon Young signs with Phillies
  2. Grant Brisbee: What are the Phillies thinking?

Philadelphia Daily News/High Cheese

  1. David Murphy: Breaking down the Phillies’ signing of Delmon Young
  2. David Murphy: Delmon Young, and the potential tragicomedy called the 2013 Phillies
  3. Ryan Lawrence: Worth the weight: Phillies outfielder Delmon Young’s contract
  4. David Murphy: Over the last two years, Domonic Brown has been better at baseball than Delmon Young

Philadelphia Inquirer/The Phillies Zone

  1. Matt Gelb: Video: Phillies pin right field hopes on Delmon Young
  2. Matt Gelb: Phillies outfielder Delmon Young has incentive to eat less

Delaware Online/Philled In

  1. Chris Branch: Delmon Young is getting paid to not be fat

NBC Philadelphia/Philthy Stuff

  1. Dash Treyhorn: What to Expect: Delmon Young

Sports On Earth

  1. Jon Bernhardt: Swing And A Miss and Run

  1. Jay Jaffe: Winter Report Card: Philadelphia Phillies

Yahoo! Contributor Network

  1. Pete Lieber: Delmon Young a Skeptical Addition to the Philadelphia Phillies’ Outfield

  1. AP: Phillies Sign OF Delmon Young

Had enough? Me too. But if you’ve written about this wonderful moment in club history and don’t see your piece listed above, poke me on Twitter with a link.

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  1. JM

    January 25, 2013 04:05 PM

    I’m just curious, and it may not even be close…but which signing got more press, Cliff Lee to our beloved Phillies, this schlomo?

  2. JM

    January 25, 2013 04:05 PM

    oops, OR this schlomo…D.Young

  3. MattWinks

    January 25, 2013 06:03 PM

    Thank god we didn’t write anything on it, enough out there to justify it. Last weeks PhuturePhillies General Discussion was hijacked into a Delmon thread, this weeks will be Delmon focused for sure with an eye on how Amaro ruined the farm

  4. Ryan

    January 25, 2013 10:49 PM

    I’m still not sure how bringing in a player that could potentially help your club is so derided across the board. It was a $750k signing for cripes sake! No one guaranteed him anything. Amaro was speculating what could happen if he plays well (starting right fielder).

  5. Phillie697

    January 25, 2013 11:10 PM


    I have to be honest, objectively speaking you’re right, but I think the past with RAJ has burned us, and most of us see Douchbag Young as a guy who will come in and suck up 600 PA while playing like, well, worm shit. Based on who we have in the OF and the usage from last year, there is only going to be around 800 PA to go between Dom Brown, Darin Ruf, and Douchbag Young… You do the math.

    That’s is the biggest damage Douchbag will cause, it’s not the $750k. It’s the playing time he’s going to suck away. And seriously, how bad would Douchbag have to be before RAJ would cut him AFTER RAJ decided to sign him DESPITE his 2012 numbers? So let’s just agree he’s not getting cut, okay?

  6. Hog

    January 26, 2013 03:46 AM

    This is the first time a team I’ve supported has signed a player I’be detested. Based on his history I can’t see how D.Young can help the team.

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