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Ozzie Guillen flexing in front of an umpire because, well, why not?

Guillen, I believe, is referencing “Binoculargate” (this; also #49 in my book) across the field to Charlie Manuel.

Cole Hamels made a throw to first that was juuuuust a bit outside.

A better angle.

Gotta give Carlos Ruiz credit for getting in a run-down for that long — allowing both runners to advance in the meantime — in the 159th game of a season after his team has already been eliminated from post-season contention.

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  1. Steve

    October 02, 2012 06:42 AM

    Bill, call me an optimist, but I have confidence in our farm system filling a few holes and the Phillies spending their money wisely to make a rebound next year. I read here and in numerous stat heavy sites, I do believe that the two worlds, stats and what I’ll call “the feel for the game” mantra, are better combined then used as a 100% bible as the only way to believe, that it doesn’t matter how you stack a lineup, the difference in scoring with a set # of 8 or 9 hitters will produce a insignificant variance in scoring. Yet, we saw the Phillies this year fail miserably without Howard and Utley in the 3 and 4 hole to set the table and drive them in. J-roll, SV and Pence were eaten up by the pressure of plating the men in front. Howard, for as horrible a year he had, still seemed to bring men home at a normal pace. Whether pitchers had to pitch him different with men on base which led to a better pitch selection or Howard just doing what Howard has shown he can do, drive the people on base home is the debate. I also know that Ruf has many detractors. I personally would love to see the Phillies with a lineup of:
    J-roll – SS
    Utely – 2B
    Ruf – LF
    Howard – 1B
    Ruiz – C
    Brown – RF
    Victorino – CF (two year deal max 8 mil each until Giles is ready)
    3B – start the year with a KF/Galvis Platoon and see what shakes out with Asche (if he doesn’t look ready by mid season, go for a trade
    Bench – Mayberry/KF/Scherholtz/Galvis/Kratz and two players to be named later, maybe a 3B.

    I know 3B is a major weak spot but we have received next to nothing from PP the past 18 months. I think our management needs to start filling holes from our farm system for the flexibility they represent financially.

    SP – Hamels, Lee, Halladay, Kendrick, Worley and our farm system for filling in the spots

    RP – Papelbon, Bastardo, Stutes, Herndon, Horst, Defratus and the farm system as needed.

    Does the lineup scare me a little, yes. We are counting on Ruf and Brown to be what I hope they can be. Good major league players. They should have given Brown the job last year as Ibenez was cooked. It is a formula that the Braves have used to stay consistent for years. Give the kids a chance to play through the growing pains. It is my main complaint about CM and RA, they have al this money to spend but you still need to spend it wisely. Stop the knee jerk reactions and use common sense. A 5-6 year contract is really only sensible to 28/29 year olds. Detroit will see a good return on investment with Prince, I don’t believe the LAA will with Puljos.

    Anyway, just my opinion.

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