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.gifs from Last Night

.gifs after the jump. As usual, be judicious if you’ve got a bad computer or slow Internet.

Jimmy Rollins hit a pop-up in foul territory that catcher Rob Brantly couldn’t handle. Rollins made good use of his extra chance, drilling a home run to right field. Brantly, as you can imagine, was not happy.

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A fan was an idiot during the game (don’t act so surprised). After failing to field a foul grounder cleanly, he fell into the field, then yanked the ball away from a presumably nice lady before being ejected by an usher.

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Roy Halladay wasn’t happy with his performance, which was partially affected by an inconsistent strike zone from home plate umpire Mark Wegner. Notoriously tempestuous, many thought Halladay wanted to chokeslam Wegner on his way out, but simply wanted to hand his manager a baseball before exiting. Wegner is safe… for now.

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The game featured two hilarious defensive miscues, one by Giancarlo Stanton and one by the normally slick-fielding Chase Utley.

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Normally, we’re used to saying “Ryan Howard destroyed a baseball”, but last night, it was the other way around. Howard took a foul ball to the ol’ noggin on an unfortunate carom after failing to make a spectacular diving catch.

– Reveal Howard .gif

Finally, Phillippe Aumont made mincemeat out of a familiar foe in Jose Reyes. Aumont had gotten himself in some hot water, putting runners on second and third while trying to hold on to a two-run lead, but he got Reyes to whiff to end the inning. Reyes wasn’t happy.

– Reveal Reyes .gif

With the 9-7 win, the Phillies moved to 71-71, reaching .500 for the first time since June 4, when they were 28-28. All four of the teams ahead of them in the NL Wild Card — the Braves, Cardinals, Dodgers, and Pirates — all lost, allowing the Phillies to gain ground on all of them. They are now four out of the second Wild Card and have bumped their playoff chances up to three percent according to Cool Standings. Maybe they really are going to do the impossible after all.